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Max Perfection Skin Vista Is Built For Winamp 2xSeries

The Ultimate Face Skin Vista for Winamp 2xSeries

The best final choice if you want to give Winamp 2xSeries a Vista look but don’t give up on Winamp. The perfect balance between Winamp and the windows addition to Vista.

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27. April 2008 Alexander Verardi 365031 Downloads

Employee Evaluation


Wow, these are skins, others made by Vista, how original!


windows vista winamp skin

Looks good No – great for click library contrast, it’s too loud, needs a fairer contrast ratio, then it looks even better physically. Very good, complex, but I provided, I would use it in the media library, the contrast was changed. – September 1, 2009 Gary Just Jones

Luka – By_ cool!!!!.Luka._ 1 – September 2008 by Luka Szczepanovich

windows vista winamp skin

Note Note: Winaero is not the author of these All skins, credit goes to your current original skin (see author pores and skin information in Winamp) settings.< br>Some skins require the ClassicPro skin plugin here: http:// www get- consortiums.skinconsortium.

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