If your PC’s windows System Image Manager asks for a computer name, we hope this guide will help you.

windows system image manager prompt for computer name

I have an unmanaged XML file that works great, thanks! to step-by-step guides for all the factors that this web page has. As far as we are naming,We plan to do a mechanical update of 30 around Ish on our sites with 4 coins each. avoid To avoid domain name conflicts, we tried to associate the ComputerName field with the Dell Service Tag inside the computer. I tried %ServiceTag% and in the %serialnumber% section of the computer store, but none of them gave good results. This step will be skipped.

windows system image manager prompt for computer name

Can I ask WSIM to get the company label/serial number from Dell?

Windows 10 thread, Sysprep Windows command line for technical computer names; I tested Windows 10 and one day I tried to take the exact image to get the prompt to type…

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    of course tested Windows 10 and couldn’t help you once you took a picture to try the command prompt for internet access – names before the computer joins the domain.

    Sysprep shuts down the PC, loads and loads, but the hardware is given a random name. I tried adding %computername% as you can see in the unattend.xml file, Using mysyprep and mysysprep2, and so far removed the number from the computer name.
    I can name the PC as in XP and Win7 to deploy and name the device on the site.

    Has anyone succeeded?

    Thank you

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    What are you actually using to deploy? To do this, you can create a task sequence in SCCM and run the MDT program in .

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I made a very old version of Ghost (7.5!) that seemed to work ok to deploy windows 7 on 600 pc. I’ve gotten to the point where all you have to do is get a new sewing machine to print the computer phrase

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    You probably stumbled upon the software compatibility version here because you know someone has worked with Windows 7, not just Windows 10.

    Could you prJust upgrade OSE deployments to Ghost 7.5, this is a 12-15 year old technology.