If you know where the Windows XP tnsnames.ora file is located on your system, this guide should help you.

Default tnsnames. ora is located in the ORACLE_HOME/network/admin directory.

Question: I’m having trouble finding tnsnames.ora on my windows server. image tnsnames.Exists or as inunix machine under


But on my Windows machine, nobody in this tnsnames.ora is underoracleproduct10.2.0client_1networkadmin

How do I find the tnsnames.File or create a tnsnames.file

Answer: or remember that being high is only one thing.tnsnames.ora to the server, regardless of the number of instances! remaining

WhenFind which tnsnames.ora file Location in Windows, seefor the TNS_ADMIN registry entryIn this case, if Is tns_admin is set, you will be able to invest the network in 1.aAlias, not the exact connection string “(DESCRIPTION…”).The parameter tells tns_admin to the oracle client where to find it.tnsnames.orafile.

Also make sure tns_admin is set toDOS Variable:

C:> $ path viewed is settns_admin=$path;oracle_homenetworkadmin

You are the tnsnames.ora file/home/oracle/oracle/product/10.2.0/db_1/network/admin/tnsnames.ora.The

but db_1 is $ORACLE_SID!

As you can see, tnsnames.ora is traditionally located in $oracle_home/network/admin one by onesymbolPhysical reference to the ORACLE_SID location.

On Windows, access style to the Tns_admin register.defined, your company must be able to use a specific network alias, and fully”(DESCRIPTION is not…” Connection string.TNS_ADMIN Oracle parameterCustomers, where to find our tnsnames.ora.

Also make sure tns_admin is set to $PATH in DOS.variables:

C:> set TNS_ADMIN=$PATH;ORACLE_HOMEnetworkadmin

According to written documents, Net oracle priority
Configuration files are allowed:

  1. Net oracle file types in current working directory (PWD/CWD)
  2. TNS_ADMIN space per session or user script
  3. TNS_ADMIN as a nice environment variable
  4. Global TNS_ADMIN defined throughout the registry
  5. Net oracle files in %ORACLE_HOME/network/admin
    (Oracle default location)

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