Here are a few simple steps that should help fix vmware esxupdate error code 99.

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So I have a VMware ESXi 6.0 host that has been giving me pain lately. This caused memory issues but prevents VMware Update Manager from scanning and throws an error:

Set returns esxupdate error code: 99. A valid unhandled exception was encountered. See the Update Manager log and the esxupdate report files for more information. A little 

Google will take action later, and it will become clear that there isn’t much documentation on the web right now about whether it’s clean or not. People suggest rebuilding the update manager and also copying files from other hosts along the way to fix them. The VMware Knowledge Base has documentation for every error, but mostly for the Nexus “Cisco” 1000V and only for ESXi 5.0 and 5.1. Here’s another dream, you have the same situation.

1. First, do what is written: esxupdate.log. Login to your ESXi host console (SSH or other) “tail -f /var/log/esxupdate.log”

2. Analyze the package with the Update Manager so that the log contains new internal data. You see, it has to fall into place. In my case it showed:

Esxupdate: 2016-05-27t15:54:52zesxupdate: ERROR: An unexpected exception may have been encountered: Esxupdate: 2016-05-27t15:54:52z esxupdate: ERROR: traceback (last call last): Esxupdate: 2016-05-27t15:54:52z esxupdate: ERROR: file "/usr/sbin/esxupdate", 238 models, mostly ESX update: 2016-05-27t15:54:52z ESX update: ERROR: cmd.Run() 2016-05-27T15:54:52Z esxupdate: ERROR: esxupdate: file "/build/mts/release/bora-3620759/bora/build/esx/release/vmvisor/sys-boot/lib/python2.7/site- Packages/vmware/esx5update/ line 113 completed on 2016-05-27T15:54:52Z esxupdate: esxupdate: ERROR: file "/build/mts/release/bora-3620759/bora/build/esx/release/vmvisor/sys-boot/lib/python2.7/site-packages/vmware/esx5update/MetadataScanner.Line ru", 244, scanned 2016-05-27T15:54:52Z esxupdate: esxupdate: ERROR: file "/build/mts/release/bora-3620759/bora/build/esx/release/vmvisor/sys-boot/lib/python2.7/site- packages/vmware/esx5update/MetadataScanner.Line py", 106, in _generateOperationData 2016-05-27T15:54:52Z esxupdate: esxupdate: ERROR: file "/build/mts/release/bora-3620759/bora/build/esx/release/vmvisor/sys-boot/lib/python2.7/site- packages/vmware/esx5update/, line 89, in _getInstallProfile 2016-05-27T15:54:52Z esxupdate: esxupdate: file error: "/build/mts/release/bora-3620759/bora/build/esx/release/vmvisor/sys-boot/lib/python2.7/site - packages /vmware/esximage/", assortment 627, in ScanVibs 2016-05-27T15:54:52Z esxupdate: esxupdate: ERROR: file "/build/mts/release/bora-3620759/bora/build/esx/release/vmvisor/sys-boot/lib/python2.7/site- packages/vmware/esximage/", line 62, just __add__ 2016-05-27T15:54:52Z esxupdate: esxupdate: AboutERROR: "/build/mts/release/bora-3620759/bora/build/esx/release/vmvisor/sys-boot/lib/python2 file.7/site-packages/vmware/esximage/", line 79 , in 2016-05-27T15:54:52Z addvib esxupdate: esxupdate: ERROR: file "/build/mts/release/bora-3620759/bora/build/esx/release/vmvisor/sys-boot/lib/python2.7/site-packages/vmware/esximage/ ", Cluster 627, MergeVib at 2016-05-27T15:54:52Z esxupdate: esxupdate: ERROR: value error: Failed to merge VIB Dell_bootbank_OpenManage_8.3.0.ESXi600-0000, Dell_bootbank_OpenManage_8.3.0.ESXi600-0000 with incompatible payload attributes: ([ OpenManage: 7807 KB ] .439 , [OpenManage: 7809.081 2016-05-27T15:54:52Z KB]) esxupdate:esxupdate:DEBUG:<<<

3. For example, something in the OpenManage VIB appears to have been corrupted due to a memory issue, and now it thinks there are more than two copies with different payload sizes. I know I can just uninstall that vib and reinstall thought (instead of re-creating garbage or doing other obfuscated fixes). I send the command word "esxcli a packages vib list | grep -i dell" to normally find the VIB name:

[[email protected]:/var/log] esxcli vib software configuration | grep-i dellOpenManage 8.3.0.ESXi600-0000 Dell PartnerSupported 2016-05-04iSM 2.3.0.ESXi600-0000 Dell PartnerSupported 04-05-2016

4. Next we need the unassuming "esxcli remove vib software - vibname=OpenManage"

vmware esxupdate error code 99

[[email protected]:/var/log] platform esxcli delete vib --vibname=OpenManagedeletion result Message: The update completed successfully, but the specific system must be restarted for the changes to take effect. Reboot Required: True WIB Installed: VIB Removed: Dell_bootbank_OpenManage_8.3.0.ESXi600-0000 Ignored VIBs:

5. Practice what it says and restart your computer and then take a picture to see if it works. In my case, I reinstalled and fixed the missing extension so I could access the latest version as usual.

This ad is about 6 years old. You must remember this. Computing activity is short-lived. This information may be out of date.

vmware esxupdate error code 99

After upgrading my current vmware lab to vSphere 6.0 U2, one of my hosts kept getting an error on every scan update.

Host returns error code ESX 99, unhandled difference occurred

I first checked the esxupdate.log file on each affected ESXi host. This is, I would say, the output recorded during another scan.

2016-04-04T13:42:13Z esxupdate: vmware.runcommand: INFO: run commandska called with: args '['/sbin/esxcfg-advcfg', means '-q', '-g', '/UserVars /EsximageNetTimeout']', outfile='No', returnoutput means 'True', timeout= '0.0'.2016-04-04T13:42:14Z esxupdate: vmware.runcommand: INFO: The run command is called args in addition to:='['/sbin/esxcfg-advcfg', '-q', '-g', '/UserVars / EsximageNetRetries ']', outfile is 'None', returnoutput = 'True', timeout means '0.0'.2016-04-04T13:42:14Z esxupdate: vmware.runcommand: INFO: run command called with: args='['/sbin/esxcfg-advcfg', '-q', '-g', '/UserVars/EsximageNetRateLimit ' ]', outfile=returns output 'none',='True', timeout='0.0'.2016-04-04T13:42:14Z esxupdate: esxupdate: INFO: ---Command: ScannerArguments: ['parse']Options: 'nosigcheck': 'retry': no, 5, 'loglevel': no, 'cleancache': no, 'viburls': no, 'meta': ['http://vum.lab.local:9084/ vum/repository/hostupdate/10960002/', 'http://vum.lab.local:9084/vum/repository/hostupdate/vmw/'], 'proxyurl ': no, 'timeout': 30.0, 'caching': no, 'hamode': true, 'maintenance mode': esxupdate: no2016-04-04t13:42:14z BootBankInstaller.pyc: DEBUG: create empty image profile in /bootbank2016-04-04T13:42:14Z Bootbank esxupdate: vmware.runcommand: INFO: run command called with: args='['/sbin/bootOption', '-rp']', outfile='None', returnoutput is ' True ', = timeout '0,0'.2016-04-04T13:42:14Z esxupdate: vmware.runcommand: INFO: run command called with: args is '['/sbin/bootOption', '-ro']', outfile='None', returnoutput is'True' , Timeout = '0.0'.Esxupdate :2016-04-04t13:42:14z Downloader: DEBUG: Download from http://vum.lab.local:9084/vum/repository/hostupdate/10960002/ to /tmp/tmpWW6WJC...2016-04-04T13:42:17Z esxupdate: Metadata.pyc: INFO: Vendor-Index.xml file not recognized in file here2016-04-04T13:42:17Z esxupdate metadata: Downloader: DEBUG: Download from http://vum.lab.local:9084/vum/repository/hostupdate/vmw/ tmp/tmpKfdI64...2016-04-04T13:42:20Z esxupdate: Metadata.pyc: INFO: Index of unknown file provider. In XML metadata file2016-04-04T13:42:21Z esxupdate: BootBankInstaller.pyc: DEBUG: generating empty output for bootbank /bootbank image profile2016-04-04T13:42:22Z esxupdate: vmware.runcommand: INFO: run command invoked with: args implies '['/usr/sbin/vsish', '-e', '-p', 'cat', '/hardware/bios/dmiInfo']', outfile is 'None', returnoutput = timeout 'true', = '0.0'.2016-04-04T13:42:22Z esxupdate: vmware.runcommand: INFO: run command called with: args '['/sbin/smbiosDump']', equals outfile='None', returnoutput='True', timeout d ' implicit wait "0.0".2016-04-04T13:42:22Z esxupdate: BootBankInstaller.DEBUG: pyc: create empty image profile for Bootbank /bootbank2016-04-04T13:42:22Z esxupdate: BootBankInstaller.pyc: DEBUG: Creating an unnecessary image profile for Bootbank /bootbank2016-04-04T13:42:23Z esxupdate: BootBankInstaller.pyc: DEBUG: Create an empty image profile suitable for Bootbank /bootbank2016-04-04T13:42:23Z esxupdate: Transaction: DEBUG: VIB Fill List Allx VIB to the metadata http://vum.lab.local:9084/vum/repository/hostupdate/10960002/; Deposits:2016-04-04T13:42:23Z esxupdate: DEBUG: Downloader: Download from http://vum.lab.local:9084/vum/repository/hostupdate/10960002/ to /tmp/tmpFQrdX3...2016-04-04T13:42:23Z esxupdate: Metadata.pyc: INFO: 'vendor-index.xml' metadata is not recognized in the entire file2016-04-04T13:42:23Z esxupdate: Transaction: DEBUG: Populate list of VIBs from all VIBs in metadata http://vum.lab.local:9084/vum/repository/hostupdate/vmw/vmw -ESXi-6.0.0 Deposits:2016-04-04T13:42:23Z esxupdate: DEBUG: Loader: Download from http://vum.lab.local:9084/vum/repository/hostupdate/vmw/ to / tmp/tmplZxgm6...2016-04-04T13:42:23Z esxupdate: Metadata.pyc: INFO: Vendor-index.xml file not recognized in metadata file2016-04-04T13:42:24Z esxupdate: esxupdate: ERROR: Unexpected omission encountered:2016-04-04T13:42:24Z esxupdate: esxupdate: ERROR: traceback (last call last):2016-04-04T13:42:24Z esxupdate: esxupdate: ERROR: "/usr/sbin/esxupdate", line file 238, basically2016-04-04T13:42:24Z esxupdate: esxupdate: ERROR: cmd.Esxupdate: run()2016-04-04t13:42:24z esxupdate: ERROR: file "/build/mts/release/bora-3620759/bora/build/esx/release/vmvisor/sys-boot/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ vmware/esx5update/", line 113, in "Run".2016-04-04T13:42:24Z esxupdate: esxupdate: ERROR: file "/build/mts/release/bora-3620759/bora/build/esx/release/vmvisor/sys-boot/lib/python2.7/site- packages/vmware/esx5update/", suggestion244, in scan2016-04-04T13:42:24Z esxupdate: esxupdate: ERROR: file "/build/mts/release/bora-3620759/bora/build/esx/release/vmvisor/sys-boot/lib/python2.7/site- packages/vmware/esx5update/", product line 106, in

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