You may encounter an error code indicating a visual Fortran runtime error. Well, there are different ways to solve this problem, so we will discuss them shortly.


What does “Error executing Fortran visual targets… forrtl: fatal (47): contained in READ-ONLY file, module 31, write file” mean, and “forrtl: fatal error (28): CLOSE, module 11, file “Unknown”?

These errors almost always occur when doing medical research on a balance system in a project on a networked system, but moving them to a shared drive eliminates the error message. How to solve some problems?

The answer: issue is related to the user’s permissions on the corresponding computer and/or network drive. The final solutions are listed below:

NotDecision. 1. name Update the user to make sure you have administrator rights on the computer:
Ask your company’s IT department to update the user so that they have full administrative rights on the computer.

Decision #2. Add the “Power Users” group to the “Full Control Owners of a Specific Folder”
You can also sometimes log in as an administrator by following the steps below to enable “advanced user”For customers to use the PTW32 app after installation:

1) Select the properties of the PTW32 directory – C:PTW32.

Select 2) the Security tab and click Edit.

3) Click “Add” and “Power” select “User” Click

4) “Check Names” to select a carefully defined category name (note that in the screenshot below I have selected the Power Users of Local Computer group – you can select a domain if available)

5) Change permissions to work with advanced users, ie. H select Full control.

visual fortran runtime error

6) Click and ok, you’re done. Now you can try logging in as an advanced “so user” and it should work.

Decision #3. Make a copy of the original installation folder again before logging in as a power user. This will make the power user sort of the default owner
If you are still logged in as “advanced user” and want to fix the problem yourself, you can do the following:
1) Copy everything to C:PTW32 to say c:ptw32_new
2)Delete C:PTW32
3) Rename to C:PTW32
c:ptw32_new4) Run PTW32 and everything should work

This information was obtained from the Bentley support site and can be viewed below:

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visual fortran runtime error

Students deployed Ansys v201 for a few weeks without any problems, but immediately had problems. I have Ansys reinstalled (with firewall and antivirus disabled) but it won’t start, it shows a visual error “intel(r) Fortran runtime error” and under then the message lists some DLLs. I am attaching a screenshot of the message. Has anyone encountered this problem and solved it?

Błąd środowiska Wykonawczego Visual Fortran
Visual Fortran Runtime Error
Visual Fortran-Laufzeitfehler
Errore Di Runtime Di Visual Fortran
Erreur D’exécution Visual Fortran
Visual Fortran Runtime-fout
Error De Tiempo De Ejecución De Visual Fortran
Ошибка выполнения Visual Fortran
Erro De Tempo De Execução Do Visual Fortran
비주얼 포트란 런타임 오류