Here are some easy ways that can help you solve the Transactional Replication troubleshooting Part 4.

Flaw. Changing servers causes replay of transaction configurations to be cleared. In the event of an emergency, your company must manually switch servers to transfer all applications to the affected member.

database from data replicated transactions Replication rate trans/s Replication (sec) replbeginlsn replnextlsn Publisher_db1 2587 Delay 1946.951 0.04 0x0008C11A00316D090001 0x0008C11A00316D090004 Publisher_db1 0 562.5 1,883 0x00000000000000000000 0x00000000000000000000

Price Database Copied Transactions Trans/sec replication Replication latency (sec) replbeginlsn replnextlsn Publisher_db1 11170556 1612.123 9232.216 0x000998C5006A0E6C0021 0x000998C5006A1C720004

distribution time,CAST(Unified State Exam commentsWALKSELECT XML) as AS comments,working condition,length of timexact_seqno,transactions_delivered,orders_d set,average_orders,Delivery time,shipping cost,delivery_latency / ( 1000 * sixty AS ) delivery_latency_MinOT C (no blocking)WHERE time mslogreader_history > ‘2014-10-28 16:00:00.130’ORDER ON TIME

Seq# Comments 1 12 desc transactions with 14 submitted orders. Transaction 2 No duplicates available. 3
Increased broker read thread wait timelonger than the broker’s Time -messageinterval. (By default all60 seconds.) If you notice any state events within 2 that are recorded for this purposeAgent, says that things are still there for a long time to writechange target.State=”3″ 4
Triggered events fired only by itself and the logging agentIn the reader, the write thread is waiting longer than the specified message time interval. Note ifthey point to four logged events, one for a specific Log Reader Agent.this indicates that the specific agent type is performing a lengthy scan No changescopied general from transaction log. 5 About 2,500,000 log entries should be # step Pass 4, 0of which were scanned, marked for replication. 6
Regular streaming reads and writesPerformance.%lt;/message>

How do you resolve a replication issue in SQL Server?

Efficient handling of BULK INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE can help resolve replication issues. Tip for experienced users. To insert large data volumes into a replicated table in a Publisher database, use the IMPORT/EXPORT wizard in SSMS because this record type comes in batches of 10,000 or very large depending on the size required by SQL Server. inserted faster.

Unified State ExaminationwalkEXEC [email protected]_seqno_start implies “0x0008BF0F008A6D7F00AA”@xact_seqno_end ‘0x0008BF0F008A6D7F00AA’,@publisher_database_id = implies 10 Unified State ExaminationWALKSELECT * From dbo.USEwalkSELECT mspublisher_databases

troubleshooting transactional replication part 4

distribution TOP specific publication_database_idFROM msrepl_commandsWHERE xact_seqno is ‘0x0008BF0F008A6D7F00AA’ Unified State ExaminationwalkEXEC is [email protected]_seqno_start = ‘0x0008BF0F008A6D7F00AA’,[email protected]_seqno_end ‘0x0008BF0F008A6D7F00AA’,@publisher_database_id is 10,@id_article = 1335,@command_id= ‘1000000’ USEWALKSELECT
cast Getdate() AS CaptureTime,object_name(t.object_id) AS table name,st.row_count,NameFROM sys.dm_db_partition_stats st (without INinner locks) JOIN sys.tables WITH s (no locking)st.object_id = t.object_idCharts INNER JOIN sys.S WITH (no blocking)ON t.schema_id means s.schema_idWHERE index_id

table name Description MS Subscriptions contains one for each content element published in the subscription MSdistribution_history contains history lines because distribution agents are associated with itdistrict distributor MSrepl_commands contains commands replicated line by line MSrepl_transactions contains user strings for each transaction
SELECT replicated r.session_id,see program name,s.login_name,r.start_time,r.status,,object_name(sqltxt.objectid, sqltxt.dbid) AS object name,Substring (sqltxt.text, ( r.And statement_start_offset 2 ) + ( , (CAS r.statement_end_offsetIF -1 THENlength(sqltxtdata.text)ELSE r.statement_end_offsetEND- r.statement_start_offset ) / 2 ) + 1) AS active_statement,r.percent_complete,Db_name(r.database_id) AS database name,r.blocking_session_id,r.wait_time,r.wait_type,r.wait_resource,r.open_transaction_count,r.cpu_time, -- here in millisecondsR. bed,r.writes,r.logical_reads,r.row_count,r.prev_error,r.granted_query_memory,Cast(sqlplan.query_plan QueryPlan,CAS as xml) as r.transaction_isolation_levelIF 0 THEN "Not Specified" THEN 1IF Four 'readuncommitted'IF THEN 'ReadCommitted'IF 3 THEN 'Repeated'E OR 4 "Serializable"IF THEN all, THEN 5 "shots"END AS Insulation_Level,r.sql_handle,r.plan_handleFROM sys.dm_exec_requests 3.there (nolock)r has withSYS.dm_exec_sessions WITH INNER JOIN (non-blocking)r.session_id = s.session_idCROSS send application sys.Dm_exec_sql_text(r.sql_handle) sqltxtREGISTERsys.Dm_exec_text_query_plan(r.plan_handle, r.statement_start_offset, r.statement_end_offset) sqlplanWHERE r.statusORDER background AFTER r.session_idcome on 
UPDATE msdistribution_historySET runstatus = @runstatus,time means @current_time,duration = @duration,Comments mean @comments,xact_seqno = @xact_seqno,updateable_row is equal to @this_row_updateable,error_id = CAS @error_idIF three THEN error_idMORE @error_idENDWHERE agent_id = @agent_idAnd timestamp @lastrow_timestampAnd equal to (runstatus matches @runstatusOR @update_existing_row (= only oneAnd the progress status is IN ( @idle, @inprogress )And @runstatus IN ( @idle, @inprogress ))) ) )

How do I check my transactional replication status?

Sign in to In Publisher Management Studio, and then expand the Internet Server Hosting node. Expand the Replication folder, then expand the Local Releases directory. Expand to publish the membership level you want to track. Right-click the subscription that appears and select View Sync Status.

USE Daily Money ServicewalkVOTE TOP 100 times,Cast(AS XML comments) AS comments,working condition,length of timexact_seqno,orders_delivered,average_orders,current_delivery_speed,transactions_delivered,error_id,delivery_latencyFROM msdistribution_history C (no blocking)ORDER BY TIME

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SQL Server transactional replication is one of the most common replication methods used to copy or distribute data across multiple targets.

In previous expert articles, we have discussed SQL Server replication, its inner workings, and configuring replication using the Replication Wizard or the T-SQL approach. Now let’s focus on SQL replication issues and how to fix them properly.

SQL Replication Issues

How do I troubleshoot SQL Server transactional replication problems?

Find bugs using agent distribution. The Distribution Agent looks up the distribution database statistics and then applies the it to the subscriber. In SQL Server Management enter studio into the editor. Expand click Host, right-click the Replication folder, and select Start Replication Monitor.

Most people who use SQL Server Transactional Replication are interested in having data delivered to the subscriber database in near real time. Therefore, the DBA managing a particular replication must be aware of the differentThere are many potential problems associated with SQL replication that may arise. Also, the DBA may need to resolve these issues in a very short timeframe.

We can classify almost all SQL replication issues as “Make your diet healthier” to my (experience):

  • Maximum text replication size
  • The SQL Server Agent service cannot be configured to start in automatic mode.
  • Unmonitored replication instances go into an uninitialized subscription state
  • Known Issues in SQL Server
  • SQL Server Agent task permission issues
  • The Snapshot Agent object credentials cannot access the snapshot folder path
  • Unable to bind log reader agent task credentials to publisher/distributor database.
  • The Distribution Agent workstation skills cannot connect to the Distributor/Subscriber database
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