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Knowledge is practically the mourning of all films; Through Wie Don’t Let Go, its unconventional plot is also a commentary on how we deal with death. Koestler and Caleb are really dealing with grief. As Caleb seeks to get his mother back with video help and talk about her, Koestler blacks out.


In the fall of 1959, each student in a time capsule drew pictures of life, how companies imagine it in how many years. Lucinder, the stranger or daughter’s son, hears what voices come from, quickly writes down a long series of numbers. The real capsule will be opened in 2009; Student Caleb Koestler takes in Lucinda, while her “designer” astrophysicist John’s father, and an orphaned widower, watches. He found many disaster dates in the past, the number of years of which exceeded the number of previous ones. There are only three more dates to go. Find Lucinda and/or look for her family. Out of fear of his son, he began to hear voices and is pursued by a silent stranger who shows him a vision of fire combined with destruction. What’s new?

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    In the fall of 1959, students drew an image of what life they envisioned 50 years later for a one-day capsule. unusual Lucinda, a child who hears published voices, quickly publishes one of them with a long sequence of numbers. 2009 the capsule was opened; The student takes out Caleb Koestler Lucinda And “draws” her dad John, an astrophysicist, not to mention a grieving widower, and peeps. It finds disaster dates mostly in the last 50 years with a death toll. There are three dates left, many in the near future. He learns of their research on Lucinda and seeks out her addressee. He fears for hisA son who is hunted to hear voices and is visited by a silent stranger who shows him a vision of fire and destruction. What dare you –


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    Is knowing worth watching?

    Knowledge is one of the best sci-fi movies I’ve ever seen – unsettling, menacing, smart and, if need be, brilliant. it is associated in various ways with the big dark city, the creation of which is the responsibility of the same director Alex Proyas.

    In the fall of 1959, students took a pill to draw their lifestyle 50 years later. the strange Lucinda, the child, hears one of the voices, quickly pronounces a long series of numbers. open 2009 capsule; College Caleb Koestler Lucindas Gets And Draws His FatherAnd John, also a grieving astrophysicist, widower, look at this. It reveals data on natural disasters from the last 50 years with the percentage of fatalities. These are three dates, each of which will be available soon. Find out, he’s looking for and Lucinda is researching her pedigree. Fearing for his son, he struggles to hear voices, and is visited by a silent stranger who shows him a vision of fire and destruction. news What?


    • Rated PG-13 for full kill scenes, short disturbing visuals, and good language effects

    Knowing is a 2009 American science fiction thriller film directed by Alex Proyas and starring Nicolas Cage. Conceived and co-written with Ryan Douglas Pearson, the film was initially associated with several Columbia Pictures Corporation executives, but continues to be further developed and ultimately decided by Escape Artists. The production was to receive financial backing from Summit Entertainment. was filmed at Studios Docklands in Melbourne, Australia, using different locations to set Boston area.

    Is there going to be a knowing 2?

    The distraught child has returned in this inexplicable sequel.

    This article was published March 20, 2009 in the United States. The disc and blu-ray DVD were released on July 10, 2009. “Know” earned $186.5 million worldwide, plus $27.7 million on home video, against a $50 million production budget. It received mixed reviews, with praise for the game play, visual style, and atmosphere, but also disdain for some of the implausibility and more.


    In 1959, an elementary school in Lexington, Massachusetts, celebrates its anniversary with a race in which students draw what they think will lead to success. All children create visual effects in PowerPoint, except for Lucinda Embry, people who have voices whispered to fill in the row of numbers. Before she can post the numbers, the last effort of the assignment expires and the teacher collects the students’ drawings. The next day, Lucinda will engrave the numbers she left on her nails into the locker by the front door. The works are packaged in a time capsule and shown fifty years later when the junior class hand out the drawings to the students. Lucy LeafThe credit goes to Caleb Zur Koestler, husband of nine-year-old widowed MIT John Koestler professor of astrophysics.

    What is the meaning of the end of the movie knowing?

    As the mystery of the numbers unravels, John learns that not only will you not be able to handle the final event, but you will wipe out your entire life. In the film’s shocking ending, your ex trusts strange alien creatures to take care of her little boy and sends to the stars before the Earth is engulfed in a deadly photoburst.

    John notes that Lucinda’s data is dates, deaths, and topographic coordinates for major disasters over the last fifty years, and that three of them may have already happened. Over the next several days, John personally experienced two of these three events: a plane crash and a collision with the New York City subway. John is convinced that his family plays a big role in these incidents: their Special Wife died in one of the earlier events, when, as you can see, it was Caleb who received the message from Lucinda. Meanwhile, Caleb Begins hears the same voices whispering as Lucinda.

    the knowing runtime

    El Tiempo De Ejecución Del Conocimiento
    The Knowing Runtime
    Die Wissende Laufzeit
    Świadome środowisko Wykonawcze
    Le Temps D’exécution Connaissant
    O Tempo De Execução Do Conhecimento
    Il Tempo Di Conoscenza
    De Weten Runtime
    알고 있는 런타임
    Знание среды выполнения