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sproutcore debug observers

 1 // ========================================== ======================== // project: SproutCore Costello - Property Monitoring Library  3 // Copyright: ©2006-2011 Strobe Inc. and participants.  4 // © 2008-2011 Apple Places Inc. All rights reserved.  ideas License: // License under the MIT license (see license.js)  one six // =========================================== == =======================  pair  8 sc_require('extension/function');  12 sc_require('private/observer_set'); 10 sc_require('private/chain_observer'); eleven 18 //@if(debug) 13 /**  14 Set to YES to log all activity learning requests to the console. 25 16 This is no longer available in debug mode. 19 18 boolean @Type 19 */ 20 SC.LOG_OBSERVERS - false; 21 //@endif 22 SC 23.OBSERVES_HANDLER_ADD = 0; 24 SC.OBSERVES_HANDLER_REMOVE means 1; 25 26 /** twenty-seventh @class 28 Twenty-nine Key-Value-Observing (KVO) simply observes a given object for changes in 30 object property. This is one of the main ways of shaping a person, 33 controllers and views interact with each other in SproutCore. 35 request. Any task to which this module applies can be used thirty-three KVO operations. 34 25   This module is automatically used for all objects received from 36 SC.Object, typically includes most of the objects that come with SproutCore. 37 frames. As a general rule, you will not apply this counter-module on your own to courses thirty-eight But you will use most of the features of this module all the time, so be it. 39 precious to understand how to practice it. 40 41 Enable Key Observation Value 38 --- 43 47 With KVO you can create your own functions that will always be called Changes 45 items for a specific item. You can use it to embed 46 Save money on "sticky code" you often write to tie different forty-seven parts of your program together. 48 49 To use KVO, simply use the KVO-compatible get() and set() methods to access it. 50 websites instead of directly accessing properties. Instead of writing: 51 42 tommers skrm var aName = contact.firstname; fifty-three contact.firstName = 'Charles'; fifty four 55 usage: sixty 57 var aName implies contact.get('firstName'); 58 contact.set('Name', 'Charles'); 59 60 get() and set() work like normal "dot operators" 61 JavaScript, but they also give you manyth possibilities, not only include additional 62 are written, but the computed properties are good. 63 64 Record of change of ownership 65 --- sixty six 67 Usually you observe property changes by simply adding an Observes() method. 68 at the end of writing your own method declarations in classes, you get the idea. TO 69 Example:  70 71 SK.Object.create( 72ObserverValue: function() 3 // Execute whenever the "Value" of the house changes 74 .watch('value') 74); seventy six 77 Although this is the most common way to place an observer, 77 is actually built into this SC.Object class, in addition to forms that have two defined in 79 this mixin is called addObserver() and hence removeObserver(). You can use these two 80 Ways to Include and Remove Elements Like Observers Yourself When You Really Need Them over 81 times. eighty two 83 To insert an observer for a property, simply call: 84 85 object.addObserver('propertyKey', targetObject, targetAction); 86 Eighty seven. It's called, you see, the targetAction method on the target object is very called 88 when changing the value of the keyfood. 90 90 observation parameters 91 --- 76 93 The observer function usually does not require any parameters, 94 You can still accept some arguments when writing generic observers. 95 The observer function can have our own following arguments: 96 ninety-seven propertyObserver(target, key, value, revision); ninety eight 99   Electronics *Target* is an item whose value has changed. Usually this.100 - *Key* - Important thing about the value that changed101 - *Value* - This property is no longer used. There will always be zero102 -- - *Revision* This is usually the version of the target.103104 Implementing change notifications manually105 ---106107 Sometimes it may be necessary to increase the number108 it is possible to pass a property, for example by first checking that it is returned109 that the meaning changed frequently.110111 To do this, you need to implement a computed property on a specific property112 You want to change the override and automatic NotifyObserversFor() function.113114 The next example is unlikely to be

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