Here are a few simple ways that can help resolve the Scalix mailbox cleanup issue.

Scalix is ​​a mature, reliable and powerful mail server. Recording environment with thousands of users.
Most plans can be made through the website, whose interface is a nice addition to this intuitive interface. However, not all of the specific tasks required for the day-to-day management of Day A are available through any web interface.

Here are a few command sets for managing Scalix commands for everyday use as an email administrator.

Checking Scalix Services Via CLI

lsof-I:143lsof-i:25lsof -you:5733ps-ef | grep postmaster

Users Are Powerless To SEE The Contents Of The Mailbox

omshowu -n username -f

This should give your company a user directory location similar to "~/user/g000038".
Go to /var/opt/scalix/ll/s/user/g000035 (if) ours and delete the "imap-cache" directory frequently, then restart the imap server (users will be disabled).
rm -r imap-cache

Restart servicesfor IMAP: omoff -d 0 -a IMAP & omon IMAP

Users Can't SEE Some Of Your Content In Their Inbox

Ask the user to log out!!! And help you stay offline until your business is done!!!!
Show registered users: omstat -u all
View process with this user: ps -ef | grep 55003 Where 55003 is the worker process ID.
Kill associated processes User: kill -9 "process id"
Be sure to fix the mailbox: omscan -Avfx -U "username"
Restart the Scalix service: omshut -t3 && stay 3 && omrc

scalix mailbox cleanup

sxaa problems
Delete the new user's 3D files in the above folder (/var/opt/scalix/ll/s/user/g000035)

Problems With The World Wide Web Interface

Restart Tomcat and Apache2./etc/init.d/scalix-tomcat stopStop rcapache2



CDA Server Won't Start

omoff -f 0 -w cdaomreset -o next to cda
rm /var/opt/scalix/ll/s/sys/omcda.lock cda

Auto Change Omon Via Crontab

scalix mailbox cleanup

cat /etc/cron.daily/spamassassin-updates

(This only dates the files and restarts Spamassassin)
Update procedures can be foundat:

Edit Spamassassin Whitelist When Added To Blacklist

  1. Check for errors: spamassassin -lint
  2. Restart spamd /etc/init.d/spamd stop then /etc/init.d/spamd start
  1. Test this and ldapmapper will make sure everything works.
    /etc/init.d/ldapmapper stop
    /etc/init.d/ldapmapper restart
  2. Be sure to check the sendmail daemon - make sure it's running.
    ps aux |grep sendmail
    You must accept 3 elements: connect and enqueue
    If you don't see them, restart most of the service. Sometimes you need to create your own script to run in sendmail instead of using the one that comes with the distribution.

Clear Scalix Queues

 echo -e "A$(( $(date +%d) + ten ))Enlnunixnn" | omqdump-q | ./ |  T-shirt version

echo „A$(( -e $(date +%d) + 10 ))Enlnlocalnn†|
omqdump - |
./ |

echo -f "A$(( $(date +%d) + ))Enlnrouternn" ten |
omqdump -p |
./ |

Always consider a new file, provide an example filename

After To do this, disable Scalix transactions, except for omstmon, omsessd, queue. And Forex Trading Broker RUN OMSCAN (this synchronizes the database)
omscan – Aqvfx
stop scalix in normal mode, start scalix in normal mode.

Delete User

Periodic Maintenance

omscan - Aaf (Select almost all areas to check/scan as well as Fix)
omscan -f -avuo3 (-A active - updates omscan as a whole; -u each user; -to 0 display normally)
omscan -Avfx -U "username" (scans one mailbox)

Update omscan for the latest results
omoff -def 0 scan (stop omscan)
omscan -Z (capital z) (reset omscan counter)
omon omscan (restart omscan)
omshowlog -f 05/10/07 -F 09:09:00 (-f sweet - F time) from "Date", after "Time" (-t date - Time T) to "Date" "Time" succeeded.
omscan -avfx - delete lost files
omscan -AavfxS is an active mode that can scan and fix any problems found - they are not lost foreversxdu -hs (shows actual mailbox space usage)

Clear User Mailboxes:

omtidyallu -Twr -a new 100 –d -c -k (removes all bin and recovery directories)If not necessary (ideally you don't have desktop space on the server) is to delete all user emails

-T folder[s] Specifies that folders should be applied to the following criteria:
I mean our mailbox;
o refers to exit;
f describes the book;
w points to the trash (the Deleted Items folder).
p refers to a waiting tray; moreover, (Sent –?)
l refers to a list of zones.
r refers to items in the restored Scalix.De folder

Examples Of Maintenance Cleanup In Scalix

omtidyu -B -u "username" -k -T i -t "[SPAM]*" returns emails with the subject [SPAM] to your inbox
omtidyu -B -u "username" -d -k -T i -t "I love you" delete all messages containing this topic.
omtidyu -B -u "username" -d -k -T i -a 365 delete all emails older than 365 days
omtidyu -B -u "username" -d -T i -a ten - move emails to trash
omtidyu -B -u "LCB Mailer" -b -k -T permanently remove almost all messages from the inbox
omtidyu -B -ough "username" -d -k -T iofwlrp -a 365

Import/Export Mailboxes, Backup, Revert Scalix

sxmboxexp - username"username" -a /mnt/temp/uname.mbox
sxmboximp -a /mnt/temp/uname.mbox - "Users - test user"

Scan Last Mailbox By Login Time

plus /root/lastlogin.txt
This can be tricky if you want to retrieve inactive mailboxes because you don't know anyone's forwarded mailbox status.

Scan User Addresses For Use

Show All Mailboxes

Get Offers From A Specific Mailbox

Show Mailbox Details

Delete Duplicate Account

List, Search For People, Mailboxes And Email Addresses

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