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Threatening Behavior


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Worm:Win32/Perlovga is a worm that opens through logical and removable drives and consumes the following set of amazing files:

  • host.exe (detected as Worm:Win32/Perlovga.dr)

  • copy.exe (detected as Worm:Win32/Perlovga.A)

  • remove win32 perlovga a


Note. These files are usually located in the system’s home folder (eg C:) and can be installed from the home extractor or removed by other malware.


When launched, Worm:Win32/Perlovga.A (copy.exe) creates copies of its files in the Windows directory as follows:

  • copy.exe is copied to %windir%xcopy. executable

  • host.exe is copied to %windir%svchost.exe

  • autorun.inf is replicated to %windir%autorun.inf

Worm:Win32/Perlovga.A (copy.exe) then starts Worm:Win32/Perlovga.dr (%windir%svchost.exe) and exits. Worm:Win32/Perlovga.Drops creates and executes the following duplicate files:

  • temp1.exe (detected as Worm:Win32/Perlovga.B) – used to copy worm files to all available drives

  • temp2.exe (detected as Backdoor:Win32/Small.PV) is a real backdoor trojan.

When Wurm:Win32/Perlovga.B (temp1.exe) is launched, it first modifies the registry, which ensures that the dropper component Wurm:Win32/Perlovga.dr (%windir%svchost.exe ) is launched. Windows:
Add value: Data: “load”
from “%windir%svchost.exe”
To subkey: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware MicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWindows


In order to spread using the genuine Worm:Win32/Perlovga.B component, the worm copies a package of files there to all disks it finds (except for using optical devices) . The worm copies the following 10 files from a human at intervals of about a few seconds:

  • CopyChange %windir%xcopy.exe to [drive letter]:copy.exe

  • %windir%svchost

    copies .exe to [drive letter]:host.exe

  • %windir%autorun

    copies .inf to [drive letter]:autorun.inf

The autorun.inf file contains instructions for the operating system to copy the launch.exe file.


Remote temp2.exe (once discovered by Backdoor:Win32/Small.PV) is a Trojan that initiates a remote connection and provides unauthorized access and control over a destroyed computer.

Further information

Component detected as Worm:Win32/Perlovga.B 1 . temp1.exe creates an “OnlyOne” mutex to ensure that multiple copies of Instigate are not running at the same time.

Alias ​​Perlovga (AKA):

[Kaspersky] Virus.win32.Perlovga
[McAfee] W32/Perlovga
[Other] Win32/Perlova, Win32/Perlova.A

How To Remove Perlovga From Your Computer^

In order to completely remove Perlovga from your computer, you mustYou will delete files and folders associated with Perlovga. These files and folders are listed generically or in the Files and Folders sections of this page. user manual

remove win32 perlovga a

For more information about deleting Perlovga files and folders, see How to delete Perlovga files (.exe, .dll, etc.) below. For

How To Remove Perlovga Files (.exe, .dll, Etc.)^

Files and folders related to Perlovga are listed in the files and folders sections of this page type.

  1. In File Explorer, browse through all the files and folders listed under Folders and Files.
  2. Note:

    Paths use some large folders (conditions) such as [%PROGRAM_FILES%]. Please note that many of these conventions are Windows version/language specific. These conventions are undoubtedly explained

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