You may encounter an error message stating that a pyramid error page is being displayed. By the way, there are several ways to solve this problem, which we will talk about shortly.

Output And Http Redirect Errors¶

How to send redirects on logged HTTP errors in Pyramid vs Pylons:

The pyramid.httpexceptions module is used by learning for all officialStatus. These classes receive both Response and Can soyou either buy Exception or return them. increase http code conditionsYours may be structurally more readable. This is especially useful inSubroutines, where it certainly must cut through the stack images somewhat, the call of which will do thisotherwise, everyone needs a very if to signal the quality of the error. Inner returns

  1. pyramid HTTPNotFound if no path matches the request,or if no perception matches the route and request. It fires an If request to httpforbiddendenial based on the current permissions policy.
  2. If an unhandled exception occurs while processing a request, the pyramid will catch it.and one “special for the species” that goes with it. The exception representation is actually one is the argumentwhose context is chaexception class, its ancestor,The interface to which it is implemented. All other type representation predicates match;B should. Also, if the argument is “routename”, remember that it must match the actual route.Surname. (So ​​the exception view is unregisteredThe name is usually expensive.) Views are called Toy exceptions, and their dependencies contextOutside of the response always returns a perspective, I would say a browser. so you canUse exceptions view to customize the error video window that the user sees.view
  3. If no addition to the exception is found, it means that the HTTP delegations belong to them.In response, they can be sent to the browser. Standard HTTPExceptions havea simple error message and La layout of a Can subclass; adjust it.
  4. Responses other than HTTPException must be passed to the WSGI server. If debugging is in progressToolbar interpolation is enabled, it will probably catch the exception as wellinteractive will produce a trace. Otherwise, the WSGI server will intercept its send andavit screenown “500 Internal Server Error”.

class Code Location Value

HTTPMovedPermanently 301 J Permanent redirect; mustchange customer favorites. HTTP found 302 J Temporary redirect. redirect; [one] httpsseeother 303 g should always use a temporary clientGET to be. [one] HTTP temporary redirect 307 J Temporary redirect. HTTP Client 400 N General [1] Error user error; wrong exampleRequest parameter.not http allowed 401 N The user must be authenticated. HTTP not allowed 403 N Authorization or general error tooRejection. HTTP not found 404 N URL not recognized. author httpon 410 n , biography that used to be at this URLgone forever; Buyer must removeBookmarks.not httpinternalservererror 500 N The server was able to determine the policyInternal error request.

Constructor arguments for schools: The “y” city line is specified.(location="", detail=None, headers=None, comment=None, ...). OtherwiseConstructor arguments (detail=None, comment=None, headers=None, ...).

The location argument is optional at the Python level, but the HTTP specificationthe which address is required, the global is a URL, so it’s really needed. Output

detail can be a plain text string that is concatenatedon the error screen. headers can contain the full set of HTTP headers for (name-valuetuple) post the answer. comment can usually be a plain text string.Not shown to the user. (XXX Is this recorded?)

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pyramid error page

# -- Pylons anywhere in the controllerfrom pylons.controllers.Significant action with interrupt, redirectabort(404) # Not foundabort(403) # Forbiddenabort(400) Invalid number request; e.g. Invalid , debate settingsabort(500) # Outtranny server web hosting errorredirect(url("section1")) # 302 redirect (defect found)# Pyramid -- code in questionimport httpexceptions excincrease except exception_response (404) Not foundRestart # exc.HTTPNotFound() Same as #returns number exc.HTTPNotFound() DittoIncrease exc.HTTPForbidden()Increase ex.HTTPBadRequest()Raise ex.HTTPInternalServerError()restart exc.HTTPFound(request.route_url("section1")) # Redirect

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# Pylons -- in actionbreak managed import from pylons.controllers.util, redirectabort(404) # Not foundDrop(403) Forbidden numberabort(400) # Invalid For example request;. B. Invalid request parameterabort(500) # Internal server errorredirect(url("section1")) # (default redirect found)#302 Pyramid - view codeImportpyramid.httpExceptions due to excraise excl. exception_response(404) No other thanraise found, .HTTPNotFound() # Same exc samereturn.# httpnotfound() SameIncrease exc.HTTPForbidden()Increase ex.HTTPBadRequest()Raise ex.HTTPInternalServerError()restart exc.HTTPFound(request.route_url("section1")) # Redirect

Exception Representations¶

You can attachpresenting exceptions for each pass class, most of whichUsually HTTPNotFound or HTTPForbidden is created from. Here is an examplean exception with the option Show any type of user-defined exception, borrowed from the Pyramid manual:

For simplicity, the Pyramid offers specific methods for interior designers and not register any types of “found” “forbidden” or views.@notfound_view_configAnd (defined by @forbidden_view_config pyramid in.remember view) about thisContextual argument during you.

pyramid error page

From @notfound_view_config append_slash more takes an argument,which can sometimes be used to enforce any type of trailing slash convention. If your site definesall national roads end in the shortest path, you set

Corrección De Errores Y Corrección De La Página De Error De La Pirámide
Bugfix Och Pyramid Error Page Fix
Correzione Di Bug E Correzione Della Pagina Di Errore Della Piramide
Naprawa Błędów I Poprawka Strony Z Błędami Piramidy
Bug Fix Und Pyramid Error Page Fix
Исправление ошибок и исправление страницы ошибок пирамиды
Correção De Bug E Correção Da Página De Erro Da Pirâmide
Correction De Bug Et Correction De La Page D'erreur Pyramide
버그 수정 및 피라미드 오류 페이지 수정
Bugfix En Pyramid Error Pagina Fix