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Error propagation (or uncertainty propagation) Uncertainty propagation In statistics, suspicion propagation (or error propagation) is the nature of the influence of uncertainties (or obstacles, more precisely random errors) of variables on your current function uncertainty, which is based on your › wiki › Propagation_of_uncertainty Propagation_of_uncertainty is what happens to measurement errors when you use those uncertain quantities to calculate something else. To demonstrate, you can use speed to calculate kinetic energy or length to calculate area.

Propagation of errors when vethe values ​​a, b, c, … arise in addition to the uncertainties Δa, Δb, Δc … in combination with which we then want to calculate something else, the quantity from Q to l helps the measured values ​​a, b, c and etc. rotate

It turns out that the interests Δa, Δb, Δc will expand (i.e. up to) “with uncertainty Q”.

For the general calculation of Q, the uncertainty, denoted by δQ, the following formulas can be used.

Note. For each of the formulas below, the values ​​a, b, c are given. have random or uncorrelated errors.

Add Or Subtract

What is error propagation?

The propagation of all errors (or propagation of uncertainty) is considered as the effect of uncertainty on a variable in the profession. It is actually a statistical calculation derived from a calculation created to combine the uncertainties of several factors to provide a valid measure of uncertainty.

If Q = you + b + … + 3 – (x + y + … + z)

So, δQ = √(δa)2 + (δb)2 + … + (δc)2< /sup> sup> + (δx)2 + (δy)2 + … + (δz)2< /p>

Example. Let’s say you are measuring a person from the street with their height in inches 45 ± 0.18 inches. They then measure the length of the person from the waist to the tip pointing to the head as 30 inches ± 0.06 inches.

Suppose you then use these two measurements to calculate a person’s height. The degree will be calculated as 40. + 30 inches = 70 inches long. The uncertainty of this estimate can be calculated as follows:

  • δQ √(δa)2 + (δb)2 + … + (δc)2 + (δx)2 + (δy)2 + … + (δz)2
  • О´Q = √(.18)2 + (.06)2
  • МQ = 0.1897
  • propagated error example

    This gives us the final measurement based on 700 ± 0.1897 inches.

    Multiply Or Divide

    So that О´QВ = |Q| * √(δa/a)2 + (δb/b)2 + … + (δc/c) 2 > + (δx/x)2 + (δy/y)2 + … (δz/z)2

    Example: Suppose + a person wants to measure the fractional length of element a relative to element b. .You .measure .length .from .a .20 .inch .± ..thirty-four inches and length .b to .15 inches ± .20 inches.

    A ratio defined as Q = a/b would certainly be calculated as 20/15 = 0.333. The uncertainty of this estimate will be calculated as follows:

  • О´QВ В = |Q| (blank) √(н´a/a)2 + (н´b/b)2 + … + (н´c/c)< sup>2< /sup> + (δx/x)2 + (δy/y)2 + … + (δz/z )2< /sup>
  • О´Q = |1,333| 4 . √(.34/20)2 + (.21/15)2
  • О´Q = 0.0294
  • This ultimately gives a ratio of 1.333 ± 0.0294 inches.

    Amount Measured Multiplied By A Number

    Example: Precise. Suppose you have measured the diameter of your own circle and found it to be 5 m ± 0.3 m. Thenyou use this value to calculate the circumference c Ï€d. Circle

    this will be calculated as c = πd = π*5 = 15.708. The uncertainty of this valuable estimate will be calculated as follows:

  • О´Q В = |A|О´x
  • О´Q В= |П€| *0.3
  • О´Q = 0.942
  • Thus, the circumference can be 15.708 ± 0.942 meters.


    Example. Suppose you are measuring a section of a cube where = 2 inches ± 0.02 half an inch. Using this value, you then calculate the volume of the cube v = s3.

    Volume will be calculated as follows: v = implies s3 23 = 8 inches3. The uncertainty here in the estimate will be defined as follows:

  • О´Q В= |Q| * |p| ( empty ) (δx/x)
  • О´Q В= |8| * |3| * (.02/2)
  • О´Q = 0.24
  • Thus, the volume of the cubes is 8 ± 0.24 inches3.

    General Error Propagation Formula

    If Q = Q(x) is any function of x, the general error propagation formula can be defined as follows:

    Note that you will rarely need to use these tools from scratch, but it can be helpful to know about them.The big picture based on them.

    You never have to know the true value of a physical quantity.Multiple determinations of a completely new batch can often be performed using the samedifferent devices, results.

    propagated error example

    Sometimes the certainty with which a particular measurement can be made isdetermined by changes in the measured object. So far a numberBaseball-sized measurements will most likely indicate which TV program the ball is on.not a very suitable area and therefore measured bidding will be distributedbe in the range of values.

    Sometimes the accuracy with which a measurement can in turn be made is often determinedthe accuracy with which this scale can actually be read from the instrument. TOFor example, it is hardly possible to read a counter with an accuracy of more than +0.5 mm.Accuracy limits can be set by the accuracy of the balance, as well asinstrument or current account and/or observer. But still the limitationsexist.

    Systematic errors are also possible due to inaccurate instruments,For example, meter dthe length is not exactly one meter. So everythingResource measurements are wrong, usually a good constantFactor.

    Uncertainty is not a disaster for the observer when reading some tools.right. If an observer registers ninety-nine a.5, when the value would be 89.5,This is not a bug, but a mistake.

    It has always become interesting, and most importantly, you need to know howFeedback from an experiment is reliable and is usually not an absolute result.Uncertainty, which is important now, but the percentage of uncertainty between, say, the measuredvalue and “true” rating (aka “accepted value”)

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