This guide will help you when you encounter Portmon 6 Windows 7 error.

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“Error 6”
portmon error 6 windows 7

message. The error occurred when I tried to select a Windows XP PC to monitor.

Browsing various forums, I found that although I said that I did not find a solution, other people have encountered this error.

Run a powerful administrator account under portmon. Once. I think the idea tool should install a style “hook” on the system so that it can track the serial transfer. User accounts usually do not have permission to install this hook. After running this tool once under each administrator account, it worked without problems under a less privileged account.

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“Error 2” means “The specified file could not be obtained”, which means that the required DLL file was not found.

Initially, the public got this error when trying to start Portmon from their login location:broke the security you trusted, causing Portmon to often render (or distrust) only renderable, somehow getting confused up the path.

On my 64-bit linked copy of Windows 7, Microsoft Dependency Walker (depends.exe) tells me that PORTMSYS.SYS (the directory created/loaded by Portmon.exe) has dependencies defined by ci.dll, clfs .sys Varian, hal.dll and hence kdcom.dll.

Code integritycommon registration systemMaterial file abstraction layercom kernel debugger

Libraries, which aren’t there, aren’t really there: if they were, Windows would be able to boot. However, I don’t see you copying those files into SysWow64 itself. This suggests that the main problem is not related to portman.sys: this problem is related to Win32 mapping at the Windows 7/64-bit level: it does not properly support debugging.

It’s actually 2018. Isn’t there a 64 bit version of portmon. Serial ports are a legacy of the music standard. The Windows 7 issue has been resolved with the release of Windows 8.1. However, there is a small chance that, according to experts, updating Visual Studio or Utility Welfare ported to Windows 7 will successfully solve the Maybe someone really familiar with SysWow and debugging can comment.

What is portmon for Windows?

Wallet 3.x. allows you to listen to serial or parallel ports on an additional network, log data, use filters – display only up-to-date information, additionally mark, print debug output files. All in all, Portmon for Windows, a handy tool, has its drawbacks. So if you’re just looking for a Portmon alternative, read on – we’ve got a recommendation for you.

PortMon by Sysinternal (now owned by Is Microsoft) is a great Microsoft Windows application used to monitor and analyze the activity of serial and parallel ports on a system. When you click on a port to monitor, PortMon sends a request to the vehicle owner to monitor and display everything related to that port to help troubleshoot system and application issues. If your organization is responsible for having a technician trace PortMon, customers can do it

ADownload here.ATHE NOTE:A

PortMon is available in not one, but two flavors that run on Windows NT, 2K, XP, and Windows Server 2003 (.NET),

It only works fully on 32-bit versions of these technical operating systems.portMonA

How to run portmon on Windows 7 64 bit?

In Windows Explorer, right-click portmon.exe –> select Properties –> click Monthly Bill Compatibility and Run in Windows XP Compliance Mode. This works the same as the Windows 7 64 bit trick.

is loaded, all you have to do is start building before running the application. 2. When running


make sure you are connected to the best club machine on the screen (see fig. 1).


Fig. a. PortMon is locally connected to machine 3 in the Market. If you are actually logged in, you will probably see “

in the title bar of the screen.Wallet – not connected

Figure 2. PortMon is probably not connected to the local machine. 4. Connected if


What ports does portmon monitor on Windows 98?

On Windows 95, and therefore 98, Portmon monitors all ports, so there is no port selection, as there is in NT. Now launch from Sysinternals Live.

Don’t select “Connect Locally” from your computer’s menu (see Figure 3).


Figure 3. PortMon request to finally connect to the local machine

Note. If Portmon still shows Not Connected, then your computer is running Windows Extra 32-bit, try the following workaround:

A. Close ALL other programs/applications/windows.
B. Open an elevated command prompt (right-click /Run as administrator on the command prompt shortcut).
C. “cd” for the folder where the Portmon zip file was extracted.< br> D. Type “portmon .exe” .
portmon error 6 windows 7

to save other useful information. Start by increasing the number of bytes of bandwidth


writesto your log file by selecting “Edit” and selecting “Max Output Bytes” (see Figure 4).


Fig. 4. 6. Increase the size of the selected bytes for storing read/write data to a positive number 4096 (see 5).

Figure 5 is somewhat. In the Options menu, make sure “Display Time” and “Hexadecimal Format” are normally checked, and “Clock” is NOT checked.


The last three tools “Toolbar”, “Hide Auto Scroll” and “Always On Top” do not affect the data included in the history list (see Figure 6).


Imagine half a dozen 8. Finally, make sure the areas you want to track are specific. From the Capture Selection menu, select Ports. Each port with the next read is monitored, the others are not (see Figure 7).


You may not be able to select the primary port if another application is currently using it.



track even though one method collects only half of the data collected by the other methods. A. The first formula will open


, Logging For you, choose “File…” from the File menu, close the application, and then disable logging. B. The second exercise is introductory.


How do I open the serial port in portmon?

NOTE. Experts say it’s very important that you open the SERIAL (MATLAB/HYPERTERMINAL) end user port AFTER selecting the Capture Events option in PORTMON and the correct port in the Capture -> Ports menu. Otherwise, you may get an error message from PORTMON just that the SERIAL port is already in use.

, launch the runtime, then choose As Helper… from the File menu.

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Portmon Error 6 Windows 7