In some cases, your computer may display a message that the binding file was not found. This problem can have many causes.

Database replicated transactions Trans/s replication quota Delay (sec) replbeginlsn replnextlsn Publisher_db1 2587 Replication of the year 1946.951 0.04 0x0008C11A00316D090001 0x0008C11A00316D090004 Publisher_db1 0 562.5 1,883 0x00000000000000000000 0x00000000000000000000

Database replicated transactions Replication rate trans/s Delay (sec) replbeginlsn replnextlsn Publisher_db1 11170556


1612.123 9232.216 0x000998C5006A0E6C0021 0x000998C5006A1C720004

use WALKCHOOSE the timeCAST (AS XML comments) for AS comments,working condition,length of timexact_seqno,transactions_delivered,orders_delivered,average_orders,Delivery time,shipping cost,delivery_latency every ( 1000 * 60 AS ) delivery_latency_MinFROM mslogreader_history C (no blocking)where is the time> ‘2014-10-28 16:00:00.130’ORDER BY TIME DESC

Seq# Comments 1 12 delivered transactions with fourteen orders. 2 Replicated transactions are often unavailable. 3
Triggered events that can occur when an agent’s reader line is on holdlonger than the agent’s -messageinterval time. (By default, during which60.) When you notice something, forAgent, this indicates that the agent is taking a long time to writebecomes the target. 4
Elevated scripts are created only by all Log Reader Agentsif the author carefully waits for the thread while making -messageinterval efforts. noticed WhenYou state 3 when hits are logged for the Log Reader Agent,This indicates that the agent does not hesitate to look for the replicatedmonthly changes in payment history.2 5 About 500,000 log entries were reviewed in step 4.0.from whichx are marked for replication. 6
Regular events describing both most of the stream andRead-write-stream efficiency.%lt;/message>
USEgo trafficEXEC [email protected]_seqno_start = '0x0008BF0F008A6D7F00AA',@xact_seqno_end means '0x0008bf0f008a6d7f00aa',@publisher_database_id = ten 
Unified State ExaminationWALKSELECT FROM *dbo.MSpublisher_databases
Use dispatchCHOOSEgo to TOP 1 Publisher_Database_IDFROM msrepl_commandsWHERE xact_seqno = '0x0008BF0F008A6D7F00AA' 
USE [email protected]_seqno_start syndicationwalkEXEC matches "0x0008BF0F008A6D7F00AA"@xact_seqno_end = Ten,@article_id==1335,@command_id='0x0008bf0f008a6d7f00aa',@publisher_database_id '1000000' 

not found in binding file

Unified State ExaminationWALKSELECT Getdate() AS CaptureTime,object_name(t.object_id) AS table name,st.row_count,NameFROM sys.dm_db_partition_stats st locks) (without with sys JOINinternal tables.T WITH (no locking)ON st.object_id implies t.object_idDeclarations INNER JOIN sys.schemas (no blocking) withON t.schema_id is equal to s.Index_id

table name Description Subscriptions contains ms schema_idwhere one strip for each article publishedbathroom in your own subscription MSdistribution_history contains lines of agents, histories related to distributionlocal distributor MSrepl_commands contains repeated command lines MSrepl_transactions contains a row for each replicated transaction r
SELECT.session_id,see program name,s.login_name,r.start_time,r.status,,object_name(sqltxt.objectid, sqltxt.dbid) AS object name,Substring (sqltxt.text, ( r.2 statement_start_offset and ) + ( 1, (CAS r.statement_end_offsetIF THENLength -1 of data (sqltxt.text)ELSE r.statement_end_offsetEND- r.statement_start_offset ) to 2 ) + AS Active_statement,R 1).percent_complete,Db_name(r.database_id) AS database name,r.blocking_session_id,r.wait_time,r.wait_type,r.wait_resource,r.open_transaction_count,r.cpu_time,-- in millisecondsR. bed,r.writes,r.logical_reads,r.row_count,r.prev_error,r.granted_query_memory,Convert (sqlplan.query_plan XML) to plan as an AS R query,cas.0 transaction_isolation_levelif THEN is 'Not Specified'IF 10 THEN 'ReadUncommitted'IF 2 'ReadCommitted' then 3IF THEN 'Repeated'IF 4 THEN "Serializable"IF THEN 5 "Instantly"END AS Insulation_Level,r.sql_handle,r.plan_handleFROM sys.Dm_exec_requests r MIT (no Sys lock)inner join.dm_exec_sessions WITH s (no blocking)r.session_id = s.session_idCROSSBOW try sys.Dm_exec_sql_text(r.sql_handle) sqltxtcross applicationsys.Dm_exec_text_query_plan(r.plan_handle, r.statement_start_offset, r.statement_end_offset) sqlplanWHERE r.status is 'background'ORDER BY r.session_idcome on 
UPDATE msdistribution_historySET runstatus means @runstatus,time = @current_time,duration is @duration,comments = @comments,xact_seqno is equal to @xact_seqno,updateable_row = @this_row_updateable,error_id matches CAS @error_idIF THEN 0, error_IDMORE @error_idENDWHERE agent_id implies @agent_idAnd timestamp implies @lastrow_timestampAND ( run status = @ run statusOR ( @update_existing_row = 1And IN progress status ( @idle, @inprogress @runstatus )and IN ( @idle, @inprogress ))) ) )
Unified State ExaminationwalkVOTE TOP 100 AS times,cast (XML comments) AS comments,working condition,length of timexact_seqno,orders_delivered,average_orders,current_delivery_speed,transactions_delivered,error_id,delivery_latencyFROM msdistribution_history C (no blocking)ORDER BY TIME DESC


Suzanta took a job at North Pearson America to become a production database administrator.You. Has more than ten years of experience with SQL Server as a database engineer, developer, analyst and database administrator.

SQL Server Transactional Replication is one of many popular replication methods used to back up or distribute data to one or more targets.

In previous articles, we discussed SQL Server Replication, its inner workings, configuring it, and replication using T-SQL solutions or the Replication Wizard. Now let’s focus on SQL Replication and proper troubleshooting.

SQL Replication Issues

Most clients using SQL Server Transactional Replication are primarily focused on delivering data to database subscriber instances in near real time. Therefore, it is generally recommended that the replication DBA be aware of the various SQL replication related issues that may arise. Also, the DBA should be able to troubleshoot or even fix these problems for a veryshort time.

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We can categorize all SQL replication problems into the following types (in my best experience):

  • Text Replication Size
  • SQL Server Not Service Agent configured to start automatically
  • Unmonitored replication instances go into an uninitialized subscription state
  • Known Issues in SQL Server
  • SQL Server Agent task permission issues
  • The Snapshot Agent skills cannot access the snapshot folder path
  • The log reader agent task credentials cannot connect to the publisher/distributor database
  • Unable to attach permissions for agent job to Distributor Distributor/Subscriber database.
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