If you are getting an msi click bios wake on lan error code, today’s guide has been created to help you.

Set “EUP 2013” to “Disabled” in the BIOS Power Management menu.Enable “Resume using a PCI or PCI-E device” in the wake event configuration.In the Windows Device Guide, go to Network Adapters -> Power Management tab and check these boxes [Allow this device to track my computer].

Here is a small guide explaining how to enable Wake on LAN (WOL).

1: Start disabling “EuP Or 2013” “ERP Ready” in BIOS. When this support is disabled, the LAN port remains enabled when the system enters Sleep (S3) or Shutdown (S5) mode.

2: Under “Wake Events” next to BIOS, enable “Resume using PCI-E device” and/or “Resume over LAN” (depending on your BIOS/configuration)

3. On Windows, update the LAN driver while visiting the website

The normal standalone Windows MSI file (incoming driver) does not always work properly with Wake on LAN (especially after shutdown (S5)).

4. Remove “Quick Startup” in Windows (“Power Options” -> “Expert” -> “Set Power Button Function”)

5: Enable Magic Pack in all Device Manager DriversWindows triplets

6: If you want Magic Packet to wake your system from sleep (S3), simplify it to “Wake this device that can start this computer from sleep” (does not cause wake-up problems (S5)).

Then use these tools to make sure your system receives the magic package:

On the target system, launch the monitor function that wakes up from LAN windows (allow the specific monitor to access the LAN if necessary, or disable the firewall) and use another system to run the Send Magic package.
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If the monitor is pushing the You packet, you can first try to wake the system from sleep (S3), and if that pays off, try to wake from shutdown (S5).

msi click bios wake on lan

Advice. You can also use “Depicus Wake on Lan” on your phone (Android, iOS, WindowsPhone) or on their web (success depends on your router settings/capabilities)

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Does my BIOS support Wake-on-LAN?

Wake-on-LAN usually needs to be configured using the PC motherboard BIOS setup feature under Power Management, although some systems, such as Apple computers, have it enabled almost by default.

I’m trying to set up the remote activation feature for TeamViewer. For thisI’ve set up TeamViewer, my router, certain BIOS, and Windows (Pro) 10.

  • ErP support = DISABLED

  • msi click bios wake on lan

    Resume from PCI-E device only = ENABLED

  • Continue via LAN (options unavailable)

  • Fast boot = Ethernet disabled

  • How do I trigger a Wake-on-LAN?

    Click Start > Settings > Control Panel.Double click System.Click the Hardware tabs, then click Device Manager.Expand the Network adapters section.Click hereRight-click your adapter and select Properties.Click on the “Advanced” tab.Select “Wake on LAN Settings” and click “Properties”. Set the following: Enable PME: Set to Enabled.

    Gigabyte Family Controller (GEFC)>Allow this device to wake up all computers = ON

  • GEFC>Wake-over-Magic-Packet=ENABLED

  • GEFC> Energy Efficient Ethernet = DISABLED

  • How do I enable Ethernet in BIOS MSI?

    Press F2 during boot to enter BIOS settings.Go to More > Devices > Integrated Devices.Check the box in the market to enable the local network.Press F10 to save changes and exit BIOS.

    GEFC> Green Ethernet = DISABLED

  • This configuration works after turning off the PC (same network and external network).

    This DOES NOT WORK if you wait more than the required number of minutes before trying (~ 1 hour). Since this issue appears to be related to your current latency, I suspect the end result will be a power/sleep setting design. But so far I have not been able to find a suitable setting.

    Edit: Tested for 30 minutes after shutdown (remotely) – WoL is fine.

    Anyone who donates their current MSI motherboard may experience problems setting up Wake LAN Regards (WoL). This setting is not validIt is off by default and the options to turn it on are usually not clearly marked. With this article, I want to correct the situation.

    WoL actually allows you to boot a shutdown computer from an integrated circuit board. A technology generated by the so-called magic packages. If they are received, the computer will continue to work.


    First of all, to try using Wake on LAN, improve the BIOS settings of your precious motherboard. To do this, click “Settings” -> “Advanced” -> “Wake Event Configuration”. The “Resume PCI-E by Device” option should always be enabled.


    Msi BIOS Settings for Wake on LAN

    Does MSI b450 Tomahawk Max have Wake-on-LAN?

    Yes, it supports Wake on LAN.

    Save your computer device and restart your computer. Unfortunately, these amounts are usually not enough to really work. Windows requires additional drivers to distribute Magic packet transmission.

    If it’s an Intel Ethernet (LAN) adapter, like the Intel I211 Gigabit Network Connection in my case, you need to provide a driver firston the Intel website, which does not cover all standard Windows drivers.

    After successful installation, you can find additional settings in the adapter’s connection settings. To do this, navigate to someone’s LAN network card in the hardware manager. Right-click the adapter and select Properties.

    Your entire family now navigates from the General tab in the Market to the Power Management tab and determines if the “Enable only the magic pack to wake this PC” checkbox is checked.

    Then you need to go to the “Advanced” tab, where the new settings will be configured. To activate, you must confirm the use of the item:

  • Enable PME
  • Wake Magic on Packet
  • This will never be enough to wake your computer from sleep. You also need to disable Windows Fast Startup. To write this, go to the solar panel controls and enter the parameters in the dedicated search. Now click on the panel “Next” button “Select the power of the current button” and you will see all the following windowsa.

    Here you need to make sure that the Enable fast startup (recommended) check box is not checked. If it is checked and the fields are also grayed out, just click the blue font Change settings that are currently unavailable and uncheck it.


    With these steps, Wake over LAN should now work on your main MSI motherboard! If you still have any problems feel free to ask in the comments. These instructions work for both Intel NICs and other motherboards.

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