Here are some simple ways that can help fix MS Excel 2007 error that cannot clear clipboard. The first thing to do is delete items from the Office clipboard. If the Microsoft Office Clipboard does not appear on the taskbar, on the Edit menu, click Office Clipboard. Specifically, in the Office Clipboard Tasks panel, do one of the following: To clear auxiliary items, click Clear All. but now you’re free from my bug.

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What does Cannot empty the clipboard mean in Excel?

Sometimes Excel can get this error when a cell has been copied and you are trying to use it to copy another cell. You can immediately press the ESC key to deselect the copied cell, andyou will try to copy it again.

Most likely, another application is monitoring the clipboard for updates (such as ClipMate’s own). Because the bufferIf the file is a shared author resource, any application that indicates that this clipboard is available should update it immediately. For example, if an awesome app modifies the clipboard and at the same time tries to re-open it remotely, it should be prepared in the market to handle the script when other apps opened it for inspection/pasting.

How do I clear the clipboard in Excel 2007?

To clear all current items from the Office Clipboard, click the Clear All button. To remove another item from the Office clipboard, hover over the bit in the clipboard task pane until the drop-down button appears. Click the drop-down button for this approach, then choose Delete from the context menu.

Excel didn’t like this in the past. 15 years ago the error would have said “out of memory”, but it’s actually the same thing. Programmers don’t think anything is going to go wrong, so instead of developing a defensive “catch and try again” strategy, they throw any common error and close the program. Okay.

ms excel 2007 cannot empty clipboard error

In any case, I advise some end users to press the ESC key, which allows you to uncheck each cell after copying. This is what Excel is going to spice up from the clipboard clearing craze, so it shouldn’t even try to clear the clipboard, I’d say if you drag it to the market.

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