In some cases, your system may generate an error code that displays jdbc error code 17410. There can be many reasons for this problem to occur.

Using two JDBC pins to access the same Oracle database calls sqllexception > More Data Fetch From to Socket. This is because your database does not support login or it is a dedicated server serving non-individual clients.

Usually a bug in standard Oracle is literally a configuration for external reasons:SQL Error: 17410, 08000 sqlstate: No more data to read from Socket.

  1. Are base and Oracle application stored on the same network segment?

1.1. Solution 1 – If so, move them to the correct network segment to resolve the problem with your wireless router

jdbc error code 17410

1.2. Solution 2: If the network is already working or there is no problem with the router, install both the As database and the application to get rid of the same infrastructure related computer problem

1.3. # 3 info: Note the free time available since the last connection using db-idle. The pattern of this behavior could be related to downtime, if it can be described as spanning two different network segments.

  • Long-lastingAre you processing an application whose SQL queries in Oracle DB take long seconds, such as a long SELECT, INSERT…SELECT, UPDATE?
  • 2.1. Info #1: Turn on sql trace in query to see forgotten since sql it can be related in addition to sql which only affects long term

    2.2. Info #2: Run sqlplus from oracle remote database on webserver application machine. connections The hold is also idle after opening a connection 1 to 3. Executing any command immediately after it remains eg idle, par. table1, desc select sysdate and if checked, the connection is down. If you’re sure, talk to your DBA and Web Admin to set up a “policy” for Oracle Network Gadgets or force unused connections to close

    2.3. Info #3: Does the application have a connection pool manager? If so, then the piece of music that adjusts its settings should maintain about 0 inactive connections. expand it step by step to see how serious it gets Visibility problem

  • Is a firewall enabled?

  • Is the heavy load balancer enabled?

  • Is there a media host name pointing to a different application server when you are actively talking than the previous server?

  • In tnsnames.ora “(SERVER=having SHARED)” TNS in is often probably the wrong approach. Many do not fully understand the purpose of this installation and generally do not take up La difficult because of the task. In other words, if it’s obvious, it’s due to device issues, router network issues, virtual and fallback hostname issues.

    Hello, I may have reached the stability limit of my lightweight JDBC driver which closes the DB version and

    jdbc error code 17410

    So this is the attached lightweight JDBC driver that looks like this:

    However, it still didn’t make sense to change the dynamic where clause was set to represent a good residual entity

    I checked if my binding issues are with the same datatype as the one actually declared in the Entity.

    JBO-26066, Which is just a wrapper for SQLException 17410, no more socket data

    which leads me to believe this is not my code but a bug/stress issue with the le driver.

    I got the error None “ora-17410: no other data was read from output” in Oracle database.

    ORA-17410: Can No Longer Read Data From Socket

    There Is Nothing More To Read From The Socket

    This ORA-17410 error is due to malware, Oracle software client issues, or network and firewall issues.fix

    To resolve this error, select the Fix firewall and group issues check box.

    Open the tnsnames.ora file ($ORACLE_HOME/network/admin) and change “(SERVER means DEDICATED)” “(Public to SERVER)”=. Then restart the listener database and/or try again.

    If you are using 11gR1, run oracle the following paging command.

    change system "_optim_peek_user_binds"=false set scope=both sid='*';

    If anyone wants to learn Oracle Database for beginners, please read the following articles.

    Oracle Tutorial | For (Oracle Database Tutorials for Beginners)current Junior DBAs)

    java oracle.sql.SQLException 17410 No more data generated from socketORA-17410: Additional data to read from socket

    You can no longer read data from the socket [SQL Error: 17410, SQLState: 08000]

    Today we ran into one of the interesting problems with medical regression testing where you can’t read data from the dem socket.

    Let’s discuss the specific problem and solution in more detail. In this article, I will give you a brief explanation of the related problem and complete the solution. Art

    1. logout andnatural
    2. SQL error code
    3. Environment information
    4. Impact on business
    5. Error logs
    6. Solution

    “No other data to read created by the socket” is thrown when using a pair of these JDBC connections accessing an Oracle database alone because the data source does not share the connection or it is a specific dedicated server that won’t. return services to other customers.

    JDK 1.8, Spring Framework version 4.2.4.ORACLE, 11g Enterprisee Edition and Apache Tomcat

    Due to SQL error 17410: This databaseThe transaction will not complete and you will not be able to perform the database operation, and consider you a TransactionException and the error log will look like this: Error logs: depending on the project’s error configuration, it is better to generate a full error.Details.

    24 NEWS May 2020 09:53:48[catalina-exec-10] [ebasket.adminidtration.controller.LogAppController.Setservletrequest:1147]made a context transition setup and connected beans

    May 24, 2020 09:53:48[catalina-exec-10] ERROR[org.hibernate.util.JDBCExceptionReporter.No logexceptions:78] data passingreading

    Socket If you are using Java, edit the file (C:Program â â â â

    1. Open $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/tnsnames.ora
    2. Edit SERVER=.In dedicated SHARE server
    3. =

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