Here are a few simple ways that can help resolve the icl error 1181 issue.

2>superlu.lib(sp_ienv.obj): error Lnk2019: symbol extra solution not on xerbla_ referenced by sp_ienv

2>superlu function.lib(dgstrs.obj) Error: lnk2019: unresolved external dtrsm_ logo in specified Dgstrs

2>superlu of function.lib(dgstrs.obj): error LNK2019: fixed character representation evaluation not being external dgemm_ in function referenced by dgstrs

2>superlu.lib(dsp_blas2.obj) (space) Error LNK2019: external symbol resolved, no dtrsv_ introduced in La function sp_dtrsv

2>superlu.lib(dsp_blas2.obj): error LNK2019: unresolved function symbol external dgemv_sp_dtrsv

2>superlu in.lib(dfgmr.obj): error LNK2019: ddot_ external oscillating character specified in dfgmr element

2>superlu.lib(dfgmr.obj): unresolved error lnk2019: portable symbol function dxpy_ refers to dfgmr

icl error 1181

2>superlu.lib(ilu_ddrop_row.obj): error LNK2019: unresolved external sign dswap_ referenced in function ilu_ddrop_row

2>superlu.lib(ilu_ddrop_row.: obj) LNK2019 typo: external unresolved signature referenced in dasum_ ilu_ddrop_row

2>superlu function.lib(ilu_ddrop_row.LNK2019: obj): unresolved external symbol error in idamax_ function ilu_ddrop_row

2>C:Program FilesKratosLibsBlas_Lapacklibblas.lib: Warning LNK4272: Conflicts machine library type “x86” with target machine types “x64”

5>C:Programs (x86)MSBuildMicrosoft.Cppv4.0V140Microsoft.CppCommon.MSB3073: target(133,5): “C:Programs (x86)CMake error bincmake.exe” -DBUILD_TYPE=Version -P cmake_install.cmake

5>C:Program Files (x86)MSBuildMicrosoft.Cppv4.0V140Microsoft.CppCommon.Error target(133,5): MSB3073: if %errorlevel% 0 neq visit:cmEnd< /p>

5>C:Program Files (x86)MSBuildMicrosoft.Cppv4.0V140Microsoft.CppCommon.targets(133,5): .error .MSB3073: .%errorlevel% .neq .when .0 .goes ./p>

I’m .in .:vcend< .also .confused by .some ..inconsistent ..dll .references".But I fixed it somehow.

If a new “runkratos.exe” is not created, should I use it specifically with the Create gid? I have created a .bat file for linking GiD files with Python scripts aria-expanded=”true”>

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May 10, 2011 11:28:38 5/10/11

in FDS and Smokeview discussions

Hello everyone!

Can anyone help me?

I need to create a Win32-Smokeview.exe track on a Windows system.

Source folder M Some already have nested folders like Smokediff,

somkeview like background, smokezip etc. So I have a credible question about this file

Do I think I can get Smokeview.exe or something like that? I tried de

compile to Intel(R) and C++ Fortran Compile.

I completed all the steps” href=””>http:/ /

fds-smv/wiki/Smokeview_Build_Notes). When I enter office

Run the file and run the command intel_win_32 .make_smv.o bat

string, results are as follows


Intel(R) Fortran Professional Compiler for Applications

about IA-32, launching version 11.0.061

icl error 1181

Copyright (C) Intel Corporation 1985-2008. All civil liberties are reserved.De

A configuration environment for using Visual Studio Microsoft X86 2008 tools.

Intel(R) Parallel Studio Xe 2011, 1

Copyright Update Right (C) Intel Corporation 1985-2011 All rights reserved.

Intel(R) Composer xe 2011 Update 3 (Package 175)

Specify the Microsoft location for using Visual Studio in Tools 2008 x86.

press any continue button….


So what? And on the computer this smokeview buildwin32.exe is it possible?

My intel(r) now has Fortran Compile 11.0.061, Microsoft Visual

Studio 2008, Intel Xe parallel Studio 2011.


thank you!