If you’re experiencing an hp-ux 9 invalid file number error on your PC, we hope this guide will help you resolve the issue.

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ORA-01114: I/O error while writing block to folder 8 (block #1)

I’m trying to do an export phase for a better copy of a heterogeneous system in our business intelligence system (BI 7.0 – NW2004s). This system is running on HP-UX 11.11 using Oracle and will be simulated as Windows Server 2003 and MS SQL Server 2005 after download is complete.

When I run the treadmill to export data from our own source system, several prompt dialog boxes are skipped, which usually means that I cannot enter all the parameters used to search for the export. After seeing these sapinst activities, I checked the main sapinst.log and sapinst_dev.log files and found “Could not trigger warning/system error. Failed to get (invalid file number).” I have presented some of these programs below.

hp-ux error 9 bad file number

I’ve checked comments 546006 and 583861 but they seem to refer to the Oracle bug ORA-27121, but I’m not getting close to the Oracle bugs in sapinst. log.or its alarm logOracle cash. I’ve searched for titles of possible resolutions or issues with any of the SAP or possibly Oracle files, but generally couldn’t find the wrong one. Also, these types of errors don’t indicate what content sapinst is having problems with, so I don’t have a selected file or area to check.

If anyone has seen this multiple ways and knows any rules, I’d really appreciate some help.

System call failed. Error 10 (Invalid file number) when executing system call related getgrent with parameter(), sort(292) on file (syuxcuse

hp-ux error 9 bad file number

The system is out of order. Could not find (invalid file number) in global performance of ‘getgrent’ syscall that has parameter (), line (292) in file for (syuxcuse


The system has been interrupted. Error 9 (Invalid file number) when doing getgrent system call besides parameter (), line (292) in database (syuxcuse

HP-ux Error 9 Slecht Bestandsnummer
Errore Hp-ux 9 Numero File Errato
Hp-ux Error 9 Número De Archivo Incorrecto
Erro Hp-ux 9 Número De Arquivo Inválido
Błąd Hp-ux 9 Zły Numer Pliku
Hp-ux Fehler 9 Ungültige Dateinummer
Hp-ux Error 9 Dåligt Filnummer
HP-ux 오류 9 잘못된 파일 번호
Ошибка Hp-ux 9 Неверный номер файла
Erreur Hp-ux 9 Mauvais Numéro De Fichier