If you know how to reply to multiple emails in Outlook on your PC, this user guide should help you.

First select two from the mailing list letter. Then right click on it. Then create it and select the option “Same answer” in the context menu. You must then make sure to specify the design the response is using for.

You can set up a bulk reply rule where all emails are sent at the same time to a feature-specific folder.

how do i reply to multiple emails in outlook

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Can I respond to multiple emails at once in Outlook?

1. Click to select multiple email receipts by holding down the Ctrl key at the same time. Note. If you want to interact with all emails received by another in a specific folder, open the file, then press Ctrl+A keys on your keyboard to select all emails at once.

1 template. First, users need to create a new file and move all emails for which you want to create a bulk reply with the same content.

2. Compose another email with the content you want to reply to. (Note: you must enter a subject for the email, but leave a blank.not empty). See alt=”” src=”https://cdn.extendoffice.com/images/stories /doc-outlook/ doc-mass-reply-emails/doc-mass-reply-to- multiple-emails-01.png”>

3.After publishing the new email, click “File” > “Save As”.

4.In the “Save As” dialog box, enter a full file name in the “File Name” field. By default, the sender’s name is specified according to the actual subject of the email. Then select an Outlook template from the “Save menu as form” dropdown. Finally, click the “Save” button.

If you select the resulting Outlook template from the Files of type drop-down menu, the file will be automatically saved in the Templates folder. Change the destination folder name.

5. When the message returns, click the Close button to close it.

6. When Outlook opens, the window click “No switch”. See alt=”” src=”https://cdn.extendoffice.com/images/stories/doc-outlook/doc-bulk email replies/doc-bulk email replies several letters-03.png”>

Now you must create a new concept for this model.

7.Now open the dialog The “Rules and Alerts” window.
A. In Outlook 2007 Tools, click > Rules and Alerts.
B. In Outlook 2010 and 2013, click Rules > Alerts and Rules tab on the Home tab. See screenshot:<br “” src=”https://cdn.extendoffice.com/images/stories/doc-outlook/doc-mass-reply-emails/doc-mass-reply-to- multiple-emails-04.png”>

8. In the Alert Policy dialog, click the New to Rule button on the Mail Rules tab.

9. When the Rules Wizard dialog box appears, select “Start with a simple rule” and the section under “Apply value to received I message”. Then click Next.

10.Click Next in the Next Rule Wizard chat window to skip the next step. A time window will appear, click Yes several letters-07.png”>

11. After this dialog box, activate the response by applying the defined field template in step 1. Then in step 2, click on our custom text of the defined template. m. alt=”” src=”https://cdn.extendoffice.com/images/stories/doc-outlook/doc-mass-reply-emails/ doc-mass-reply-to- multiple-emails-09.png”>

13. If it comes back, it is to clear our previous dialog box, click the “Next” button.

Can you mass reply to emails?

Bulk reply, all returning emails at once to a good specific folder, strict with Outlook configuration rules. Can you set a business policy to block replies to all emails once per specificfile. 1. First, you should try to create a new folder and move all the emails you want to receive into the mass reply path with the same pleasure.

14. Keep clicking the “Next” button that appears in the final dialog box of the Rules Wizard. In this dialog box, enter an absolute name for the new rule associated with step 1, clear the Enable this rule in step 2 check box, and then click the Finish icon. See screenshot Alt
=”” src=”https://cdn.extendoffice.com/images/stories/doc-outlook/doc-mass-reply-emails/doc-mass-reply-to-multiple-emails -010.png”>< br>Note. You can delete a rename rule written by deleting the old name and entering a new one in the Enter a name for this policy text box.

16. When you return to the Rules and Alerts dialog box, clickthose “OK” button, complete to make the basic settings.

18. Return the dialog to the Fix Warnings window. The search rule you created earlier, and then click Run Rules in the Mail Rules section. /doc-mass-reply-emails/doc-mass-reply-to-multiple-emails-011.png”>

19. In the Run Rules Now dialog box, you need to do the following (see screenshot on the right):
(1) Check the box next to the rule you want to run later according to the selected laws;
( 2 ) Click “View” “Manage View” in the folder. Select the folder to which the person wants to send a bulk response to access the emails in it.
(3) Select among all in the “Apply Rules” drop-down list of messages if you need them.< br> (4 ) Click the “Run Now” button.

Note. If you are < getting subfolders in the selected folder, check the Include subfolders box. Now almost

All emails in the respective folder receive the same reply with the same content.

How do you reply to multiple recipients in an email?

If you are replying to the first email and adding recipients to each of our topics (either in the “To” or possibly “CC” field), be sure to do so at the beginning of your email response, for example. “+1 “Add Baochi” or to Baochi” from. This is just a polite reminder to recipients in your organization that additional people are configured for chat.

You can see the png and then there are some steps you can follow in the above method. But Kutools Outlook bulk reply tool as you can easily bulk send reply to multiple emails at once.

Kutools for Outlook: Add more than 100 convenient approaches to Outlook, try it for free, use it for 60 days without limit. Try Learn more now

1. For Her, go to and select the email folder containing your messages that you want to reply to in bulk in the marketplace, and click Kutools > Bulk reply > Create and manage reply template. See screenshot:

how do i reply to multiple emails in outlook

2. In the pop-up dialog “And create response template for management” (1) click “Edit” to add a new reply template, (2) keep the new template permanently selected and enter that particular template in the Enter your search term below field, then click the “Any (3) answer” button. See screenshot:

How do I reply to all emails in a folder in Outlook?

In the “And Rules” dialog box with frequent warnings, click the “Run Rules Now…” button.select the generated response rule.Select the folder that contains all the messages you want to reply to.Click Run Now.

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