In some cases, your system may display an error code indicating how to debug your .net application. There can be several reasons for this error to appear.

dotSet the breakpoint to the main line that displays the name, time, and time before it by clicking the left edge of the code window on that line.Press F5 to run the program on the debug system.Enter a string in the program’s character window when the program asks for a name, then press Enter.


This is a big part of a developer’s job. Does it become more important when you don’t want everything to go well in production? If you and your family are lucky, your production application has been token compiled with (PDBs or software databases). Since I often forget how to let you debug a record this way, I’m posting this here in the morning to remind myself and also to remind someone that Hi is not stuck here if you are using non pdbs with your production setup. . A copy requires Visual Studio to debug.

Debug A .NET Application When No Offer Code Is Available

How do I debug a .NET service?

Install this service.Start the service.Open your home in Visual .NET Studio.Then Process select the menu in Hands Debug.Click “Show System Processes”. availableamong the processes, find the process created by your trust service.

Debugging an application in case the source code is no longer available can be done with tools that JetBrains really appreciates.

On your first current use, dotPeek will try to ask you which assemblies you want to decompile (for which you need to build pdb). Choose the option that suits your site. For Explorer.

I chose Assemblies Open Assembly

After you have selected the assemblies you want to decompile, at this time the symbol server is available at http://localhost:33417

For the sake of simplicity, I’ve created a simple .NET Core console application. I will unhandled an exception that will kill the application.

To customize symbols in Visual Studio, go to Tools -> -> Debugging Options -> Symbols -> Symbol File Locations.

Make sure at the same time My Code Time is disabled in the main debug area -> (Tools Options -> Debugging -> General)

how can you debug application

It can be helpful to disable “Resubmit Source Files” so that they match the original version exactly. This can happen when the executable process often does not match the source code. Times

How do you debug an application?

Click the Android procedure to the debugger.In the Select Process a dialog box, specify the process in which you want to place the OK.

You can then attach your process that you want to debug. In my case, I attached the created process from Keep Control Online (dotnet), because my application is considered to be a console application.

Set the breakpoint you want the debugger to block. In my scenario, I set the main input method against each other, preferably only after the input has been made

Interact with your application until the breakpoint hits properly. Your organization will then be able to debug the application as usual. Here is the process itself in the full media player.

UPDATE (August 11, 2017)

I came across a study posted by jetBrains where they effectively get rid of dotPeek during a debug crash (useful when analyzing crashes around IIS for example). You can also recommend to know, this is how to do it, this is how usualclearly described in the article.

Debug A NuGet Package

SymbolSource is a task that describes a process. Help for your family, I left aside where it is shown how its configuration

  1. Select use

    Recommended Tools -> Options -> Debugger ->

  2. Disable “Enable Code Only” (managed). Include
  3. Turn off native stepping of .NET Framework code.” Yes, it can be confusing, but if you don’t, Visual Studio will continue to ignore your custom server order (see below).
  4. Set “Enable Legacy Server Support”.
  5. Uncheck “Require source information to match the classic version exactly”
  6. Go to Options -> Tools -> Debugger -> Symbols.
  7. Select folder first for local symbol/source cache.
  8. Add the icon servers located in the location ( icon.pdb) file. Pay attention to the correct order, because multiple servers may contain des characters for the same binaries with or without resources. We recommend the followingPresenting:
  10. this or the authenticated variant (see above)
  11. http://srv.symbolsource.The authenticated org/pdb/myget type or variant (see symbol above)
  12. (other servers by source)
  14. (icon for other server sources)

You should probably be debugging your app as usual after setting the company icon.

I hope this article helps you debug programs and NuGet packages! Leave your feedback below if you have other thoughts and tips that you might find invaluable. I’ll be happy to edit my post to improve it.

How many times have you launched a desktop application only to close an unresponsive and hung window? I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it more often than I can count.

The kernel is causing this problem, and it’s actually a single user interface thread. There is simply a thread that can make changes to the form of the user interface and also respond to events.exit and move on. If this thread has blocking problems, the system hangs.

We won’t go into one of the main reasons why there is only one thread to receive the user interface (although this is an important topic). .Instead of .this .article, .explains…NET.application.. We want to look at debugging tools and techniques to see where the fix is ​​and to find the root of the problem.

A freezing application is more likely to be considered a relevant desktop application because there is a UI thread that blocks user interaction the most. In the planetary app, if you have server requirements, we will discuss that as well.

1. Attach this to a frozen process using Visual Studio

If your company runs the application directly from Visual Studio, you can click Debug Click | on Break everything when the application hangs. Then examine the call stack associated with the main thread to see why the userThe user interface may be described as being blocked.

how can you debug application

Sie Müssen Loswerden, Wie Sie Probleme Mit .net-Anwendungen Debuggen Können.
Musisz Pozbyć Się Sposobu Debugowania Problemów Z Aplikacjami .net.
Vous Devez Vous Débarrasser De La Façon De Déboguer Les Problèmes Avec Les Applications .net.
Você Precisa Se Livrar De Como Depurar Problemas Com Aplicativos .net.
Debe Deshacerse De Cómo Depurar Problemas Con Aplicaciones .net.
È Necessario Sbarazzarsi Di Come Eseguire Il Debug Dei Problemi Con Le Applicazioni .net.
U Moet Zich Ontdoen Van Hoe U Problemen Met .net-toepassingen Kunt Debuggen.
Du Måste Bli Av Med Hur Du Felsöker Problem Med .net-applikationer.
Вам нужно избавиться от того, как отлаживать проблемы с приложениями .net.
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