Over the past few weeks, some of our users have received an error while troubleshooting the ge xl44 self-cleaning gas range. This problem can occur for many reasons. We will review them now.

The General Electric XL44 line includes about 10 different lines, including self-cleaning models and models that need to be cleaned yourself. Despite minor changes in specifications, this series currently retains its roots as a freestanding 30-inch gas stove with a significant 4 cubic feet extra-large volume – hence the oven’s full name. Likewise, many of its components have versatile performance when it comes to repairs, whether cleaning involves quick troubleshooting or replacing more labor-intensive parts.

Basic Troubleshooting

Does GE XL44 have a pilot light?

XL44 ge is a freestanding gas stove that uses the gas pipeline of each Ohm for powering stove burners. The hob has four burners separated by pairs. There are two flyers for the stove, all of which must be lit in order for more or less all of the stove’s burners to work. Small plate pilots with both play.

  1. Before contacting GE service, recommends basic troubleshooting procedures applicable to the XL44 line as a whole. In the event of electrical problems such asclock light failure, or make sure the oven is plugged in and check the fuse for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. your If the food is not cooked properly, adjust the oven thermostat by pressing and holding the increase, hour and decrease hour buttons for a few seconds. When the changes appear, press “Hour Allowance” to increase the heatsink temperature by 5 degrees, or “Hour Decrease” to decrease it by 5 degrees. On XL44 models with handles, pull out the “Oven Set” button and even hold the “Hotter” or maybe “Colder” button for five seconds, just to raise or lower the temperature by 20 degrees. yours If the self-cleaning model stops during the cleaning cycle, make sure the entire oven door is completely closed and simply latched.


You Are Under Repair

  1. Purchased

    as new, the GE warranty covers the XL44 series for a period of one year to one year from the date of original purchase if the need for repair or replacement arises from the product orand manufacturing defect. Warranty Includes free labor, onsite support and replacement parts. To take advantage of this coverage, your company must register its XL44 GE using the Consumer Goods Ownership Registration form included in the range user manual. The warranty does not cover incorrect installation as well as delivery and possibly improper maintenance; or improper use of a person’s stove; electrical faults caused by household electrical wiring; Indirect or indirect damage, that is, damage caused by a natural disaster.

Contact The Professionals

  1. To

    get GE service to repair your XL44, contact GE Appliance At Service at 1-800-432-2737 or sign up for service online by visiting Enter Your Product Information at marketing form on GEAppliances.com. For urgent repair inquiries, you can activate the email submission form at the exact same location where repair requests are sent directly.directly to GE specialists. If you purchased an extended warranty for your and xl44 other service needs, please contact GE at 1-800-626-2224.


  1. If problems with your personal XL44 are beyond simple troubleshooting and you know how to fix them, GE offers oven replacement parts on the rental company’s official website at 2002 1-800-626. -. To find compatible parts, you need to know your XL44’s six-digit custom workout number or model number, which sometimes starts with “JB” or “JG” or ends with a two- or three-digit number like “JB970” or possibly “JGBC20”. For some oven model numbers, check the following bottom locations: remaining front panel; in the shower or on the right side of the work, a folding hob; common frame behind the oven door; overframe behind the box; about the left cabinet, behind which there is a box, a grill box or a step. You will also need to simulate the planning of repair services.

Where can I get parts for my ge xl44 oven?

If problems with your XL44 go beyond simple troubleshooting and you’re good at repairing, GE offers oven tips on the official website or the industry at 1-800-626-2002.

XL44 Electric The overall range of ovens has been popular for decades. It includes 10 products, some of which even have a self-cleaning function! All options covered by GE XL44 use the same troubleshooting methods in addition to repair. .a

Why will my oven not self-clean?

If your wall or expander oven does not clean itself, check the following: A non-self-cleaning cycle starts when the oven temperature is very high. After cooking, let the oven cool down completely before turning it on to self-clean. temperature The oven setting and the oven temperature knob must be set directly to “clean”.

ge has put together a list of troubleshooting steps to get the oven back in working order. So, before you call the experts for the last time, be sure to consult the manual to fix all problems, from jammed doors and incorrect settings to slow warm-ups, ignition problems, control panels and More! There is a solution for everything. Also,

These people have certain things in common. For example, a 30-inch hob and 4.4 large 12-inch cubic cavities allow you to cook for the whole family, and then one for an individual. They also have high power porcelain hobs, burners, pilotless standard ignition, hourglass, square grills, navigation bar and digital clock.

In this article, we will talk about commonproblems with GE Comment xl44 and how the independent solution works.

Why is my ge xl44 oven not heating up?

Well, my detonator is to blame. Igniters have a short lifespan and can quickly fail over extended periods of use. KEEP THIS APPLIANCE CLOSE: Follow these steps to make sure your oven heats up at the right time every time: Turn off the gas that brings the GE XL44 oven to you by turning the waste gas knob.

Before you continue, check out this article for the specific differences between conventional oven and convection oven – just a few that will make you think!


Are there any self cleaning gas ranges made by Gege?

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ge xl44 self cleaning gas range troubleshooting


GE XL44 Oven Troubleshooting Basics

The XL range includes 44 electric and gas ovens. With proper and proper use, your oven can last a lifetime and allow you to cook delicious meals over and over again.

ge xl44 self cleaning gas range troubleshooting

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