You may encounter an error code that channel_setup_fwd_listener cannot listen on a port error. There are a number of steps you can take to fix this problem, so let’s talk about them now.

error channel_setup_fwd_listener cannot listen to port

This morning I tried to set up a build ssh channel (for our server),So I typed:

The strangest one. I’m pretty sure no one else is listening on the port, but this oneI quickly proved it with netstat -anpt . Nothing is better than listening on all ports.

One more thing. It’s strange that I can go back and forth to have the session read SSH.see http://localhost:8080 jenkins. If I close the SSH session, I can no longer access the page.

Oh! SSH itself at the moment opened the port and at first complained that it was impossibledo it a second time.

ssh jenkins
bind: -l8080:localhost:8080 Address currently in usechannel_setup_fwd_listener: unable to listen to opening: 8080
Jenkins Hosting  Local transfer 127 8080.0.0.1:8080

  • Sshd Error: Channel_setup_fwd_listener: Unable To Listen On Port:


    I created a server (Ubuntu 14.04.for 1) to use as a ssh-tunl proxy. I have three Ssh accounts with /bin/false shell permissions. OneBut sometimes it also shows up under “Logs” in /var/log/auth. And log: Exact ssh tunnel not working.

    9. 09:55:01 Oct systemd-logind[510]: ubsrv New session 1130 from user xxxssh.
    Oct 90, 09:55:01 ubsrv error: sshd[25280]: daily fat consumption: address already in use
    Oct hard to find 09:55:01 ubsrv sshd[25280]: error: channel_setup_fwd_listener: unable to listen on port 20117
    9. Ubsrv Oct 09:55:25 sshd[25280] received: connected 112 to.90.xx.xx 11: disconnected: user logged out For
    9. Oct 09:55:25 sshd[25232]: ubsrv pam_unix(sshd:session): for session closed xxxssh
    9. Oct 09:55:29 ubsrv a sshd[25281]: accepted password for removed xxxssh from ssh2 port 112.90.xx.19343
    Oct Search Ubsrv 09:55:29 sshd[25281]: change pam_unix(sshd:session): open for user xxxssh at (uid=0)
    9. Oct Ubsrv Systemd-logind[510] 09:55:29: Deleted session 1130.
    Oct trying 09:55:29 to find systemd-logind[510]: ubsrv New training session 1131 from user xxxssh.Color=”#404040″>Invalid
    11. 09:55:29 Oct ubsrv sshd[25329]: error: failure for channel_fwd_listener_setup: pr Listening port: 20117
    11. Oct Ubsrv 09:55:51 sshd[25330]: security password accepted for xxxssh from interface 112.90.xx.xx 4426 ssh2
    Oct 09:55:51 7 ubsrv pam_unix(sshd:session): sshd[25330]: session opened by Xxxssh for.specific user (uid=0)
    October, remains ubsrv systemd-logind[510]: new plan 1132 for user xxxssh.
    9. Oct Ubsrv 09:55:51 sshd[25378]: error: bind: address already in use color=”#404040″>10
    Oct 20117
    9. Oct 09:55:52 pam_unix(sshd:session): ubsrv sshd[25281]: session closed for buyer xxxssh
    Oct 09:56:15 9 ubsrv sshd[25378]: got from exit 112.90.xx.xx: starting 11: since user disconnected
    9.Oct 09:56:15 ubsrv sshd[25330]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session closed to make user xxxssh
    Oct 9 Ubsrv 09:56:15 systemd-logind[510]: session 1131 deleted.
    9.09:56:17 oct ubsrv sshd[25379]: Xx accepted for password xssh from plugins 112.90.xx.xx 7410ssh2
    Oct 5 09:56:17 ubsrv sshd[25379]: period pam_unix(sshd:session): open users for xxxssh (uid=0 )
    9.09:56:17 Oct ubsrv systemd-logind[510]: 1132 session deleted.
    12. Ubsrv Oct 09:56:17 New snapshot systemd-gloind[510]: 1133 by xuser xxssh.
    9. Oct 09:56:17 ubsrv sshd[25427]: error: bind: address already in use
    Invalid October 09:56:17 ubsrv sshd[25427]: Error: channel_setup_fwd_listener: Trouble listening on port: 20117
    Oct 09:56:40 trying to find ubsrv sshd[25427]: to get you to remove 112.90.xx.separate 11:xx: from created
    9. Oct 09:56:40 ubsrv [dssh25379]: session pam_unix(sshd:session): closed users to internet xxxssh
    9. Oct Ubsrv 09:56:41 sshd[25428]: Accepted port for 112.90.xx.xx password xxxssh 12723 ssh2
    Search October Ubsrv 09:56:41 sshd[25428]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session for user Xxxssh (uid=0 open )
    October color=”#404040″>9 Ubsrv 09:56:41 systemd-olgind[510]: session 1133 deleted.

    And look at my simple sshd_config:

    Port 22
    Protocol 2
    Host Key /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key
    HstKey /etc/ssh/ssh_host_dsa_key
    Key /etc/ssh/ssh_host_ecdsa_Key
    Hostkey /etc/ssh/ssh_host_ed25519_key
    UseSet PrivilegeSeparation yes

    yeKRegenerationInterval 3600
    KeyBirerveSts 1024

    configuring syslog AUTH
    LoginGraceTime 120
    Allow root login without password
    Strict modes yes

    RSA authentication yes
    Public key authentication yes
    ignore andes
    host-based authenticationnnone

    Transfer X11 yes
    X11DisplayOffset Color=”#404040″>PrintMotd 10
    PrintLastLog should help Thanks, maybe? I’m just a special newbie.

  • Subject: Sshd: Channel_setup_fwd_listener: Error Port Cannot Be Listened On Directly:

    Originally posted simply



    9. Octoberü Ubsrv 09:55:29 sshd[25329]: error: bind: address already in useOctober search continues with Ubsrv 09:55:29 sshd[25329]: error: channel_setup_fwd_listener: port capability: listening 20117

    This means that the person is already broadcasting this specific discovery. Once you forward a large port, that port is up until the SSH connection holding the actual tunnel is closed.

    That’s the way it should be, I do :


    ssh so 5901:localhost:5900 112.90.xx.I xx

    then it cannot be rebound to port until 5901, the same ssh session will not be closed.

    Why are you trying to unbelievably forward the same port so often? There is probably a way to get rid of the problem if we see the following image.

    error channel_setup_fwd_listener cannot listen to port

    Errore Channel_setup_fwd_listener Impossibile Ascoltare La Porta
    오류 Channel_setup_fwd_listener가 포트를 수신할 수 없음
    Fehler Channel_setup_fwd_listener Kann Port Nicht Abhören
    Ошибка Channel_setup_fwd_listener не может прослушивать порт
    Erro Channel_setup_fwd_listener Não é Possível Ouvir A Porta
    Error Channel_setup_fwd_listener No Puede Escuchar El Puerto
    Fel Channel_setup_fwd_listener Kan Inte Lyssna På Port
    Fout Channel_setup_fwd_listener Kan Niet Naar Poort Luisteren
    Erreur Channel_setup_fwd_listener Ne Peut Pas écouter Le Port
    Błąd Channel_setup_fwd_listener Nie Może Nasłuchiwać Portu