Here are a few simple steps that can help resolve the 142-byte memory allocation error issue.

[“Business Unit”:”Code”:”BU054″,”Label”:”Systems with/TPS”,”Product”:”Code”:”SSEQ5Y”,”Label”:”Personal Communication”,”Platform ” :[“code”:”PF025″,”label”:”Platform Independent”],”Version”:”5.9″,”Industry”:”code”:”LOB35″,”label”:”Mainframe SW” ]

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  • Personal Communications 5.9.2 on Windows XP SP3When trying to start a PCOMM session The client may receive the message PCSERR100- "Failed to match66050 bytes of Windows Global Memory HeapPlease close one or more Windows information applications and try again."
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    What’s the meaning of this error memory allocation failed?

    Re: What the single error means? MemoryError: Failed to allocate memory, definition 964 bytes Es? only limited storage space is available. Due to fragmentation, or simply because there is a lot to allocate, everything has reached its limit and can no longer allocate.

  • ************************************************** ****** *** *************************** APPLICABLE USERS: All Drivers *********************** ******************************************************** ***** ****PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: Intermittent context word PCSERR100** PCOMM sessions that start immediately ************************** ******************************************************** ***** **** RECOMMENDATION : ******************************************************** ******************************When working with PCOMM sessions, users receivePop-up PCSERR100 logo and need to restart running serveragain with PCOMM.
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  • When PCSWLIB.DLL allocates memory, calls MapViewofFileEx.block of virtual addresses. The whole block must be free of thisbe for close to the point of attribution. Working no code shouldcheck the availability of this block of memory. inCode changes introduce thischeck by saying On Propertystay tied to "About Block Program".Fix PCOM production update
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    error allocating 142 bytes of memory

    Combo V5

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  • R590 PSY IP23069

    UP09/12/22 I 1000

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    Combo V5

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    How to fix the’couldn’t allocate memory’error?

    I have the same specific “Could not allocate memory” error, which occurs in two cases. Just check the disk usage with the top command to see if all the ram/swap is being done. Also check the generated disk usage with the df command. B. df -kh so that your build disk can be written as full

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  • Sue Kelling


    20 January 1999 20 09:00:00 January 1999


    We received several computers running NT windows 4.0. Blend a is installed on these computers


    SP3 and SP4 packages. .We .get .the following .error .message

    error allocating 142 bytes of memory

    if .we .try to .open more than .several .or .5 .emulator .windows:

    PCSERR100 .2 .. Failed to allocate xxxx bytes from the Windows global memory heap. Close one or more Windows applications and try again

    On these machines, memory is far from exhausted, and
    pagefile.sys will close if you simply have a lot of memory available. I tried to push
    the Windows Shared Desktop heap through the entire registry
    as described in the tech manual from Microsoft. This didn’t seem to help
    fix the problem, it just increased the number of bytes that
    definitely could not be selected. Try

    What else can I do to fix this?

    Thank you,
    Sue Kelling