If you are getting Blackberry Application Center error 404 on your computer, then you should check out these recovery methods.

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    Hi, I have a difficult situation. I just received my TOUR and I love it too. But my app doesn’t center, load, and show a better 404 error message. I was thinking of updating my visit to path 5. Tonight, error message 0 is just one thing to be afraid of? Where can I update. Thanks

    30-09-09 05:16 :00

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    Hello? Please give me an answer.


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    10-02-09 07:47

  3. I’ve been on two tours for two weeks lately , and both showed a 404 error in the app center part. Someone told me to actually restore the phone and re-boot the OS and stuff. I did this and this E was the cure. My phone kept getting a certain error.

    So currently I have the central app icon hidden.

    I would like to know about it too.

    10-02-09 08:32

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