If you are experiencing Video Player Error 2046 on your PC, this blog post might help you.

I was trying to fix error 2046 on my Adobe MP3 player, Flash kept crashing when trying to stream video. Recently, attempts have been made to use Filmstruck. I am using a Mac in High Sierra and have tried this method in Chrome and Firefox. I have cleared the navigation in my cache. I have updated and cleared my browsers and am trying to reinstall Thumb which cannot buy my version in Firefox. The page doesn’t load properly, which is what I have. Chrome tells me that I have the latest version. I also tried clicking the mouse arrow a few times and unchecking the box next to “Record shared Flash components to reduce load time”. In the next popup, click Confirm

UPDATE: Hovering over Flash Player help in Firefox tells me that Flash is not installed or enabled, instead when I try again it says “Unable to connect” in the box below

All tutorials are welcome and I like some of the screenshots below.

error 2046 video player

When I try to play a video, it looks like this in Chrome:

This is displayed in Firefox and Chrome when you click Download fromnow” to access the Adobe Flash Update page (my firewall is disabled):

If you’ve ever encountered an error while watching a Flash video, why read something like “Error 2046”, it’s similar, the problem can be solved precisely by increasing the local disk space of Adobe Flash (also called “Flash cookies”). “) or removing them.

  1. Linux: Open Adobe Flash preferences by going to System – Preferences – Adobe Flash & Drive, then Erase Everything. This works for desktop gnome.
  2. Windows: open the shooter in Flash settings. I believe this can be done by right clicking on the actual Flash video or by going to the start menu. Increase your storage and also delete flash cookies.
  3. The third step can be implemented on any operating system and works on Firefox mobile. Install the BetterPrivacy add-on and change it to clear LSO (Long Term Storage/Flash Cookies) when the phone is closed.
  4. Try playing the video using one of the methods above. You should no longer see “Error 2046” and the video should fold smoothly.

Error 2046 – Is Everything Okay?

Error 2046 is an error code associated with Adobe Flash Player. This usually happens when you are watching movies or videos in a web browser. This error may interrupt the video sharing and prevent you from watching your favorite good movies and videos.


Error Reasons

Generalizing the cause of this error code is certainly difficult, as it can fail for a number of reasons:

  • There may be a problem with your Adobe Flash Player settings.
  • Ad blocker, no product
  • Windows Update
  • Registration issues
  • Malware infection
  • The Flash Player add-on is not installed correctly
  • Additional Information And Manual Repair

    The good news is that problem 2046 is not fatal. This is easy to fix. In fact, it’s so easy to fix, you can entrust all this to your spouse, even if you are not his computer genius. You do not need to hire professionals and spend hundreds of dollars on repairs.

    Here are some of the many solution guides you can try to fix this problem on your computer screen:

    Reinstallf Adobe Flash Player

    Since this error code is mainly related to Adobe Flash Player, it is recommended that you start a fresh install of Flash Player. Usually you can find a step-by-step guide here to help homeowners in their work.

    1. Click “Start” first, and then also select Control Panel.
    2. Now open Programs and remove Flash Player from the list of programs.
    3. Reboot your computer afterwards.
    4. Adobe will now fetch and run Flash Player from a trusted website.

    If the canopy works, the problem is solved. Otherwise, try other weight loss methods.

    Re-enable The Flash Player Add-on

    Adobe Flash Add-on Player is basically installed in IE (Internet Explorer) which is loaded every time you load IE. Sometimes problems with this add-on can result in error 2046.

    1. To solve this problem, press the Alt key.
    2. Choose “Tools” then “Manage Add-ons”.
    3. Now select Flash Adobe Player Active X, then click the Disable tab.

    After that, turn on your web browser again and repeat the same steps, but this time press the sleep button Quotes. I hope this solves the problem.

    Unblock Products With Ad Blocking Errors

    Sometimes 2046 appears on the screen when you use ad blockers such as AdBlock Plus. If this is the case, try uninstalling the ad blocking products that are still installed on your computer to fix the problems.

    Install Windows Update

    Microsoft releases new versions from time to time. These updates are usually made to fix bugs and runtime errors, such as error 2046. If

    So the error code is most likely related to Windows updates. To make sure you fix this, it is recommended that you successfully run Windows Update and also update your operating system.

    error 2046 video player

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