If you are experiencing err=non-authoritative for host not found error or server error on your PC, we hope this user guide will help you solve the problem.

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err=non-authoritative for host not found or server fail

This means that VPOP3 should not receive a good DNS response from a good DNS server when it tries to look up a name belonging to ISP mail servers. This usually means that either Windows knows the real DNS address abbr> servers, or your ISP’s DNS servers are not working properly.

If you are connecting to the Internet through a proxy system, a router, or check if it correctly passes DNS requests or redirects them.

winsock,error code,11002,DNS

Err=não Autoritativo Para Host Não Encontrado Ou Falha No Servidor
Err=ne Faisant Pas Autorité Pour L’hôte Introuvable Ou L’échec Du Serveur
Err=nicht Autorisierend Für Host Nicht Gefunden Oder Serverfehler
Err=niet-bevoegd Voor Host Niet Gevonden Of Server Mislukt
Err=non Autorevole Per Host Non Trovato O Server Non Riuscito
Err=nieautorytatywne Dla Hosta Nie Znaleziono Lub Awaria Serwera
Err=icke-auktoritativ För Värd Inte Hittades Eller Serverfel
오류=호스트를 찾을 수 없거나 서버 오류에 대한 권한 없음
Err=non-authoritative For Host Not Found Or Server Fail
Err=no Autorizado Para Host No Encontrado O Falla Del Servidor