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Have you heard that one of the best video editing software is Windows – Movie Maker? This article tellsLearn how to download Movie Maker for free, how to import files, how to add transitions, how to edit TV shows, how to export movies and other useful information.

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to convert YouTube videos to audio files and then import them to create your own masterpiece.

Learn how Windows Movie Maker can help you edit your videos to make your next movie easier.

Import Video For Editing

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Video clips must be imported before editing in Movie Maker.

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Give Your Video Clips A Name

Typically, Windows Movie Maker saves imported clips with commonly used titles. They should rename films with titles related to their product. This speeds up the search for specific scenes and allows you to better organize your project.

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To rename a video clip, double-click its current title. When this marker is displayed, You will see text that you can delete and then replace with a new heading.

Breaking Clips Into Scenes

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Windows Movie Maker is generally very good at identifying breaks in your video and splitting the video into the appropriate connectors. However, sometimes you end up at the climax of Clip A, which contains more than one scene. If it usually takes up space, you can split it into two separate scenes.

To split a video tutorial clip, move the playhead to the first frame after the scene ends. Click the Share icon or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + L. This will split the original video clip into two new ones.

If buyers accidentally split a clip into a pair, restoring the full video of the creative clip is easy. Just select two new clips and press CTRL + M. And voila, 2 clips become one.

Delete Unwanted Frames

Splitting a video is also a handy way to remove unwanted window frames at the beginning or end of a video clip. Simply split the main clip to separate the part you want to use on your website from everything else.about the rest. This will create two clips and you can delete the one we don’t want.

Storyboard For Your Video

Once you’ve cleared your segments and are ready to move on to the movie, simply arrange everything on the storyboard. Drag clips to place them where you want them to appear. You can view the movie on the monitor and it’s easy to change the order of the clips before finding the correct order of the movies.

Trim Clips In The Timeline

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After organizing your video clips with a storyboard, you can decide if you want to adjust the playback time of certain posts. To do this, trim any video in the timeline clips.

First, move from observing to the storyboard timeline. Then place the cursor at the beginning or end of the movie you want to adjust. A red arrow will appear, usually with instructions on how to click and drag to trim the video online. Drag the arrow to remove the start or end of a clip. When you release the mouse from the PC, the selection of the bottom area remains and the restis removed.

By trimming your clips, you can easily adjust your video so that conditions blend smoothly.

End The Video In Movie Maker

Once you’ve edited video clips, you can add the finishing touches to your movie by adding music, a title, effects, and transitions.

Windows Movie Maker (known as Windows Live Movie Maker[6] for 2009 and 2011 releases) will no longer be released by Microsoft for PC video editing. It was a great part of the Windows Essentials software package that allowed you to shoot and edit videos and share them to OneDrive, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, Windows Live Groups, and Flickr. Can it be compared to Apple’s iMovie?

Movie Maker was officially discontinued on January 10, 2017 and was literally replaced by Video Editor (formerly Microsoft Remix) created by using it with Microsoft Photos on Windows 10.


First Releases

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The first version of Windows Movie Maker was included with Windows Me on September 14, 2000.

Version 1.1 was included with Windows XP a year later and included support for creating songs in the AVI dv and WMV 8 formats. Version 2.0 was released in November 2002 as a companionA private free update and thus added a number of new points and features. Version 2.1, a minor update, is actually included in Windows XP Pack Plan 2. Movie Maker with Windows XP Media Edition Center 2005 has more transitions and DVD burning support.

Windows Vista

The next version of Movie Maker was released as part of Windows Vista and, like all components of Windows, was introduced as version 6.0. The same 6000 as Windows Vista is a poker room. It includes new effects and changes, support for playback on Xbox 360

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