If the amount of physical memory available on your system is low, this user guide should help.

  1. Not Enough Available Physical Memory


    I will have an HP gaming laptop with 8GB memory installed, after fixing some issues I had with this tool, I run Cities Skylines and get a notification that the game only uses up to 4,5 GB of RAM so I checked the system info and there was not 7.86 GB of total physical RAM there, it only shows this against 4.3 GB 5 available. Monitor Resource Check, which shows that almost 50% of RAM is used constantly. Lou

    I know that Windows 10 keeps RAM consumption high but manages to allocate memory to processes that need it, but it doesn’t, almost half of my memory is gone.

    I always use Bits 64 10

    Thank you Windows!


  2. There is little available physical

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    Yes, it’s normal if you’re running a lot of applications in the background, it may require you to use your computer’s good old RAM.

    Try to get Windows to work properly, or just run the usual Win+R command type “resmon” and. Is it possible to see the amount of RAM actually used for eachallocation (e.g. reserved, equipment used, etc.)

    Sometimes you can get more information about what’s going on by exiting processes (or by using Task Manager enabled with the “Show all processes for most users” option). Thus, you have the option to disable all other applications that you normally need to free up space available for the currently available physical devices
    Reminder. Can

    you sometimes follow these steps.

    1. Right Click the Windows button. Select > Run

    2. Type “msconfig” without click quotes, “OK”.

    3. On this tab, selectively “General” select “Startup”. then uncheck Load Startup Items

    4. On the Services tab, click all Hide Microsoft Services.

    5. Click Disable All.

    6. When starting just a tab, click “Open Task Manager”. The task manager splash screen should open.

    7. Disable all startup components. You can also choose which launch items to disable, asThe launcher can now work correctly if the corresponding launch item is normally disabled.

    8. Return to the System Configuration window.

    9. Press >Use OK

    10. Click “Restart” when prompted.

    See if this fixes the problem of not having enough physical memory to use RAM.

    Hope it helps! it Please let me know if you have any other questions/problems.

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  3. High physical memory installed, very low physical memory

    I have a new computer and my installed physical memory is (RAM) 8.00GB while my available physical memory is definitely 370MB.

    I’m playing on my PC and I’m getting very low FPS which includes a lot of latency spikes throughout the game I’m playing I’m pretty sure this is a problem but if anyone notices something in my settings it might regarding the performance of my personal computer, I would appreciate it Multiple activations <3 Inte Tillräckligt Med Tillgängligt Fysiskt Minne
    Nicht Genügend Verfügbarer Physischer Speicher
    Недостаточно доступной физической памяти
    Za Mało Dostępnej Pamięci Fizycznej
    Memória Física Insuficiente Disponível
    Niet Genoeg Beschikbaar Fysiek Geheugen
    Memoria Fisica Disponibile Insufficiente
    No Hay Suficiente Memoria Física Disponible
    Pas Assez De Mémoire Physique Disponible
    사용 가능한 물리적 메모리가 충분하지 않습니다.