Sometimes your system may give an agent error message 10060. There can be many reasons for this problem.

Error value 10060: The tcp connection attempt failed because the connected party may not have responded properly after the specified timeout, or the established connection failed simply because the connected host failed. Can you answer.

This article provides information on how to get started with Winsock timeout errors that sometimes occur with Microsoft Proxy Server or ISA Server associated with slow, congested connections.Connections to or the Internet with high latency. To:

applies to editions of Windows 10
Original KB number: 191143


What is Socket Error 10060 Windows Live?

Socket error 10060 usually indicates that each attempt to connect to the target server has timed out. This error usually occurs with your own email clients or when accessing websites. Fix

Winsock timeout errors can occur on slow, congested, or high latency Internet connections to Microsoft Proxy Server and ISA to Server. The client web browser displays the following block error message>

winsock reports:

10060 Connection timed out

agent error 10060

You should not contact the web server specified in your URL. check again the URL of your company or insurance policy.


Tweaking the following TCP/IP setting by adding a subkey to the registry will actually reduce the number of timeouts when more Internet connection time is available. This setting is not even in the default registry.

  1. Launch the Registry Editor (Regedt32.exe) and use it to navigate to the following subkey:

  2. agent error 10060

    From the Edit Breeze menu, select Value, Add then enter the following information:

  3. Known namevalues: TcpMaxDataRetransmissions
  4. Performance: REG_DWORD – number
  5. Valid range: 9-0xFFFFFFFF
  6. Default 5: decimal places.
  7. New ten value: decimal places.
  8. Click OK and you will close the registry editor.

  9. Restart after recording is complete.

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The TcpMaxDataRetransmissions parameter determines how many times TCP retransmits each data segment (a single segment with no preconnect) by breaking the connection. The retransmission delay is considered to be doubled each time the connection is subsequently retransmitted. It is adjusted, will be when the answers are resumed. The dynamic base timeout value is defined as a fraction of the larger round-trip time measured on the primary connection.

The default save value for this blog is 5; double this value to bring it to step 10 (decimal) (see above). If the connection timeouts are still ongoing, double the value again until the 15th number) (decimal.

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  • How do I fix error code 10060?

    like socket error 10060?Method 1: Check your web proxy connection.Method 2: Increase the site load time limit.Method 3: Check your mail client settings.Prevent websites, ISPs and others from tracking you.Quickly recover your amazing lost files.

    A timeout error can also occur when successfully connecting to a non-existent internet server, or when the proxy machine usually has more than one default gateway.

    This section, method, task contains steps that tell someone how to edit the registry. However, serious problems can arise if someone modifies the registry incorrectly, so follow these parts carefully. You can then restore your PC if the problem occurs. For more information about backing up and restoring the registry, see Backing up and restoring Windows in the registry.

    This input can only reduce the number of peer timeout errors that occur. You may need to make changes to your Internet connection or router to fully resolve the issue.

    Your (web browser looks like Internet Explorer) is a bit retro. try any of them for the best Desk experienceZoho.

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