In recent days, some readers have come across the well-known 10330 Sybase Error. This problem can occur for many reasons. Let’s discuss this now.

The command does not work and generates error number 10330 if the user updates statistics, clears statistics, or truncates tables and can: Do not own the table.




SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.7; SAP Enterprise Adaptive Server 16.0


sproc failure, permissions, cogent, procxmode, KBA, BC-SYB-ASE, Sybase ASE database platform (not Business Suite), problem

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10330 sybase error

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  • After updating the web server, in rare cases, a user who does not have explicit permissions to the underlying object who This procedure tries to modify, may execute the compound procedure with the following error:< br> Error code =10330[SAP][ASE ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server Enterprise]INSERT permission denied on object table name, ASE list, dbo owner
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  • SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 15.7
  • SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 16.0
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    On thelegal language

    I’m giving permission to create a database by role. The same role assigns a web browsing user, but when I try to create a new database with a login user assigned to a game role, I get a “Permission revoked” error.

    Explanationcannot be provided. Access denied, database master, owner body . You currently need the following permissions to run this command: CREATE DATABASE. Sybase Error Code = 10331 Severity = 14, State = 3, Status=0 transaction line 1

    I tried this with 15.5 combined with 16. Am I doing something complete here? Should we be concerned about other parameters? I’ve looked at this thread

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